Every person is responsible for his own acts either good or bad. Hinduism is a religion which conceptualizes Karma as a result of our actions in past present or future. Its the Cause and Effect. Good Karma is secured out of good deeds and Bad Karma by bad deeds. A persons own conscience determines if he has done something good or something bad. We are our own judges, but often we try to convince ourselves betraying our conscience and soothing our mind saying that its not our fault. But deep within everybody knows when they do a mistake. Rarely does anyone admit to their mistakes. A person who realizes this truth will be in the right path of Good Karma. Here are ten things that you can try to achieve in your lifetime to make yourself a better person

1) Help and Feed the Hungry and the Needy. Poor people are deprived of the minimal needs that we enjoy. Helping them get some food is a very good act and will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Always feed the Hungry.

2) Give a part of your income to Charities. It may be very fractional, But something is better than nothing.

3) Help a child with education, may be contribute very less amount. But contributions from people like us make a lot of difference.

4) Adopt a child, If possible and give them the love of parents. Love them the same way you love your kids.

5) Treat the elders with respect and love.

6) Forgive and Forget people who have hurt you in the past. Forgiving someone is a Virtue.

7) Treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself, Give respect and take respect.

8) Treat animals with care and love.

9) Plant a tree and nurture the nature, she is the sole cause of our existence and she needs to be treated well.

10) Keep smiling and make the world a happy place to live.

If we can try to make atleast some of the above possible then we are on the path of Good Karma. Happy Karmic Awareness!