Adam Sandler Ten Best Comedy Movies

Adam Sandler started out as a stand-up comedian performing at clubs while he was studying at New York University. He was later recruited as a regular in Saturday Night Live. From television, Sandler ventured into the movies and had a string of box office movies to his name.

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The following is ten of Adam Sandler’s best comedy movies. If you’re an avid fan of Adam Sandler, you should have watched some if not all of these movies and even own the DVDs. If you haven’t owned any of the DVDs, you might want to get them from Amazon ;  the most reliable vendor for Adam Sandler movie DVDs.

1. Click (2006)

In Click, Adam Sandler plays a workaholic architect, Michael Newman who has a loving wife played by Kate Beckinsale and two children. Newman is a stressed out employee aiming for a partnership at his firm. One day he went out to get a universal remote control but was met with a weird salesman named Morty played by Christopher Walken. Newman discovers that the remote control is actually a magical device able to control his life. Whatever he doesn’t like doing, he can fast forward it on the remote control  and whatever he likes doing, he can slow down the action using the remote control. Eventually, Newman allows the remote control to have total control over his life and he misses much of the events in his life. Newman realizes in the end that family must always come first.

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2. 50 First Dates (2004)

Adam Sandler is paired with Drew Barrymore in this romantic comedy about a woman who has very short term memory as a result of an accident. Despite this obstacle, Sandler doesn’t give up and finds ways to make Barrymore remembers him from day to day. This is a really romantic movie suitable for viewing during a first date or on Valentine’s Day.

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3. Anger Management (2003)

Adam Sandler’s character in Anger Management is Dave Buznik who is a mild-mannered man. As a result of a misunderstanding while travelling by plane, he is ordered by the court to attend anger management therapy. But his therapist is a psychotic doctor who’s unorthodox methods create havoc in Buznik’s life.

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4. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (2008)

Adam Sandler plays an Israel special agent called Zohan Dvir. He wants to change his life and so fakes his death and re-emerges in New York as a hair stylist. This movie contains several scenes unsuitable for children because of crude and sexual content as well as some nudity.

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5. Happy Gilmore (1996)

In Happy Gilmore, Sandler is Happy Gilmore. Gilmore discovers that he is very good at golf because of his history of playing hockey. He doesn’t want to play golf but is forced to so that he can help his grandmother who’s about to lose her house.

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6. Big Daddy (1999)

 Adam Sandler plays law graduate Sonny Koufax who is so lazy. He only sits around his apartment and lives of the investment from the money that he received from a lawsuit. His girlfriend left him because she got fed up of his lazy ways. Koufax then comes up with a brilliant idea to show his maturity by adopting a child. But of course things didn’t go the way he plans.

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7. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

Adam Sandler is “partnered” with Kevin James in this movie about two heterosexual men who pretend to be gay partners so that one of them is able to claim insurance benefits for his children. Sandler’s character is a womanizer and being married to a man would make for a few funny moments.

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8. The Wedding Singer (1998)

In The Wedding Singer, Adam Sandler plays a wedding singer while Drew Barrymore is a waitress at the weddings where Sandler’s sings. When both of them are about to be married, they discover that they’ve chosen the wrong partner and in fact they are actually meant for each other.

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9. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Adam Sandler is Barry Egan who is a small business owner whose seven sisters take advantage of him to the point that Egan cannot find love and is doomed to live a lonely life. However, his life is about to change when he comes across a musical instrument, the harmonium and a mysterious woman who eventually helps him find true love.

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10. The Waterboy (1998)

Adam Sandler plays Bobby Boucher who is a lowly waterboy for a college football team.  The team coach accidently discovers that Boucher has a natural talent for tackling someone much bigger than he is so the coach invites the waterboy to join the team.

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Enjoy a day of comedy movies with Adam Sandler.