There are ten classic board games that every family should own. As a mom who has three children who love to play games, we have played these over and over again. If you can find a vintage version at a yard sale, then use those. These classic board games were made way better in the past than they are now!

Classic Board Game #1 Mousetrap

Ideal released this classic board game in 1963. The object of the game is to build a mouse trap and capture the mouse. Newer versions of this game are made very cheaply and do not work as well as the older versions.

Classic Board Game #2 Boggle

This word game was released in the 1970's by Parker Brothers.. We play this game with our children to improve their spelling skills. Initially, we played in teams and permited two letter words. As our kids got older, they played on their own. Lots of fun for all with this classic board game!

Classic Board Game #3 Clue

Another classic family game which helps children work with logic. It was first released by Parker Brothers in 1949 after buying the United States rights from Anthony Pratt of England. Most of us Baby Boomers best remember the 1972 edition.

Classic Board Game #4 Operation

Who doesn't remember the sound of the buzzer when you could not get the Charlie Horse out of Cavity Sam? Released in 1965 by Milton Bradley, this game is still popular with children of all ages. Milton Bradley has spun off this game by using popular characters like SpongeBob Squarepants and Shrek.

Classic Board Game #5 Scrabble

This is a classic family board game from Selchow and Righter has a history that dates back to 1931. It became a hit in 1952 and now there are tournaments with Scrabble experts competing for money. While that does not happen in my house, it is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time!

Classic Board Game #6 Connect Four

This two player game by Milton Bradley came out in 1974. It is a game of logic and strategy, a fun way to teach these skills to your children. You may have to make younger children aware of the diagonal moves in this classic family board game.

Classic Board Game #7 Battleship

"Aww! You sunk my battleship!" was the cry from the famous 1970's commercial for Milton Bradley's game of strategy. The game actually dates back to 1931, but Milton Bradley was the one to patent it and make it famous. Again, we first played this classic board game in teams when our children were younger. Now they can play on their own.

Classic Board game #8 Trouble

Kohner came out with Trouble in 1965. It is famous for it's Pop-O-Matic center. The game rules state that you need to pop a "6" to leave home. When our children were younger, we skipped this rule because it took forever to play the game!

Classic Board Game #9 The Game of Life

"The game of Life (the game of Life) You will learn about life when you play the game of Life!" This catchy tune played on television as Milton Bradley advertised this popular game, endorsed by Art Linkletter. It came out in 1960 and is still around today in an updated version. While we do own the newer version, I refuse to play it. My kids know if they want to play Life with Mommy, they have to play my classic version!

Classic Board Game #10 Monopoly

This classic board game that every family should own has had many versions since Parker Brothers released it in 1935. Selling real estate and trying to bankrupt your opponents can be played in a junior version or the longer, more sophisticated version.

All of these classic board games are ones that my family plays. I am sure that I left some out that are your family's favorite! Whether it is on my list or not, playing games is a great way to spend time together as a family.