Ten Decorations for a Hello Kitty Nursery

Hello Kitty gear has a great basic color scheme that provides a working foundation for a fantastic girl's nursery. Use this simple list for ten fun decorations to complete your Hello Kitty nursery.                     

1. Spectra Hello Kitty Clock Radio: There are a number of different Hello Kitty clocks available. I like this one the most because it features bright LED numbers and has a slightly unconventional design. It is capable of projecting the time onto the wall or ceiling which is a real treat for kids. Also, you can easily find it for under $20. 


2. Hello Kitty Wall Stickers: Etsy seller yitingsticker offers the best Hello Kitty wall sticker set. As with most Etsy items, the colors are completely customizable. If you choose to go all out with the Hello Kitty nursery theme, this set of wall stickers is the way to go.


3. Hello Kitty Bonjour Bath Rug: I know, this is a kids room, not a bathroom. Still, this kitty head shaped rug would look great in any girls' bedroom and would fit perfectly with the theme.


4. Hello Kitty MDF Bookends: Themed bookends are a subtle way to add decor to a nursery. These will cost between $30-$40 and are best found on eBay or a similar resale site. If you are needing decorations that aren't slathered in pink, look for the porcelain version.


5. Hello Kitty Window Drapes: You can find these at Toys 'r Us or My Kids Bedding. These are quite bright and won't do much to keep the sun out. Be sure to include a 'black-out' curtain between these decorative options and the window.


6. Themed Drawer Pulls: You can find these at Amazon for a reasonable price. I find drawer handles to add a unique touch to nurseries. Keep in mind that most handmade pulls will be very expensive (sometimes more than $10 each). While I normally encourage seeking out handmade nursery decorations, it is best to by drawer handles from a major retailer.


7. Framed Prints: Presenting cartoon images in tasteful frames lends a more sophisticated edge to a nursery. A wide variety of Hello Kitty prints can be found at Amazon. I don't typically find much at handmade sites. It is even quite possible to print out HK images you find on the Internet and frame them yourself.

8. Stuffed Animals: Toys are decorations too! Look for the 50th Anniversary Set of 8 different plush toys featuring Kitty dressed in different costumes. These would look very nice displayed on a shelf or bookcase.


9. Hello Kitty Table Lamp: There are many different styles to choose from but kids would likely prefer this one. The actual Kitty figurine glows different colors. This provides nice, soft light instead of the sharp lighting that often comes from traditional bulb lamps. You can find this cheapest on eBay.

10. Light Switch Cover: Even if you haven't adopted a Hello Kitty theme for your nursery, this light switch cover works for any girl's bedroom. It's a nice break from the traditional rectangular shaped covers and adds some nice flair. Keep in mind, there are many different styles of this decor so if this round version doesn't suit you, keep looking.

These are ten great decorations for your Hello Kitty nursery and there are hundreds more to find. Keep looking until you find all the right pieces to really bring the nursery together.