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I can tell from experience that getting started to play a few good songs to learn on guitar is really not that difficult. In fact, most great guitar songs are usually those that have simple chords but very catchy tunes! 

If you’ve just started learning the guitar, here is a list of easy songs that anyone could start learning to play. They are catchy but not too hard. So go out there and impress your friends and floor them with your new set of skills!

1. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Now for the men out there, you better second guess before leaving your girlfriend as she might just write the next hit single that would change Music history. Such is this song by Adele. A song that people could easily sing along with, it is one of the first easy guitar songs that roughly goes around in only five chords namely: A minor, G, F, E7 and E minor.

2. She will be loved by Maroon5

Released way back in 2004, it still remains a best beginner guitar song that people would sing to. Only spanning three chords: B minor, A and G. People are guaranteed to be amazed when you could play this song’s intro on the guitar. Pick up some plucking skills and play the song’s intro tune!

3. Somebody that I used to Know by Gotye

One of the rather indie themed simple guitar songs, it has the catchiest bass line you could imagine. Make sure you could sing that high note on the chorus section though, as by then people will be already singing a karaoke with you. The chords of the song are: D minor, C, Bb and F.  

4. Hey Jude by The Beatles

Now this is an all time Classic yet surprisingly, one of the easy songs to learn on guitar that will surely impress your friends. It’s impressive because it’s a song you could just repeat the chorus over and over and have everyone singing round and round along with you. It’s made up of 6 chords that mostly revolve around the key of F. It is one of those songs that should be under any guitar man’s list.

5.  Yesterday by The Beatles

You know what’s even more impressive than playing the latest cool tunes? It’s when you could play different guitar songs that could make people experience many different emotions. Yesterday by The Beatles is a classic example of that. It’s a bitter sweet song that reminisces the "good 'ol days" and can tug one’s heartstrings. You should make it a goal to play this best beginner guitar song. One of the traits of a great guitarist is someone who not only could play excellent "chops" but someone who could stir, rivet and capture peoples' emotions---be that Guitar Man.

6.  Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Referred as one of the greatest rock songs of all time, just playing its guitar intro is enough to make people wail, cry, haul and excited enough to jump off their feet and sing! Surprisingly, it’s one of the best beginner guitar songs that is really not that difficult, just challenging enough for a beginner to make the journey learning it worthwhile. Revolving around the key of A minor, get ready to blow the socks of your friends!

7. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Guys, this is one of those good songs to learn on guitar guaranteed to get you out of the friend zone for sure. Everyone agrees, and that includes girls, that women all loves a guy who can play guitar. Chords are only G, D, and C with only a small additional chord of D/F#. I guarantee you that this is one of those easy guitar songs to learn that if you can learn to just get a few snippets of guitar plucking, would definitely melt any girl’s heart.

8.  Leaving on a Jet plane by Jewel

One of the extremely easy guitar songs to master is leaving on a Jet Plane. Why is that? Well it has the Happy Birthday chords of G, C, D and an additional D7 only arranged in a different order! Add some sweet love lyrics into it and…voila! You now have an awesome classic. I remember that this is the first guitar song that I have ever learned.

9.  Aubrey by Bread

A love song worthy to immortalize David Gates yet it is one of the easy songs to learn on guitar. To achieve that melancholic and heart swooning lullaby rhythm, you have to master plucking this song. Don’t worry, there are no major bar chords just simple and easy chords that belong to the key of G major, with some borrowed minor chords for that signature "David Gates" effect.

10.  More Than Words by Extreme

Immediately recognizable upon playing the first few measures of the song, it is one of those songs where everyone would just band together and sing. Here the chords may not be the usual major or minor chords but I assure you that they are easy to do and you only need a chord chart to remember how to play it. In other words, it’s a fancy guitar song yet simple and easy enough for a beginner to get a hold of.

Now that you have this list of good songs to learn on guitar, you must realize that it does take some effort to get to that point where you could play these songs. Beginner level doesn't really mean that it's a no-brainer. For me, beginner level is the best level to really be serious because that is where you learn the basics. I suggest you either take some guitar lessons from a local music studio near you, show these list of songs or you could learn at your own pace from many self-tutorial videos like Guitar DVD courses, or Youtube videos (the former I recommend better).