National Ice Cream month has been celebrated in America since 1984 when it was introduced by President Ronald Regan.This year the Ice Cream manufacturers of the U.K will also be using national ice cream month to drum up trade and ignite our interest in the icy desert. To celebrate this here are ten things about Ice Cream British Ice cream lovers may not have known.

1. In the UK we each eat on average 9 litres of ice cream per year with the Scots being the highest consumers. However in America the average is just over 20 litres per year.

2. The most expensive ice cream in the world is reported to be The Grand Opulence Sundae served by New Yorks Serendipity restaurant. Served in crystal goblet with a 18 carat gold spoon the sunday contains real cold leaf, caviare, sugared fruits and amadei porceleana, the worlds most expensive chocolate.

3. American Ice cream manufacture Carvel made the worlds biggest ice cream cake to celebrate their 70th anniversary. The cake weighed in at 12096 ib's, was 19' long and 9' wide.

4. Despite a bad reputation for being bad for your health good quality ice creams contain on average more milk protein than milk itself. They also have a high calcium content and contains vitamins A and C.

5. The uk's most popular flavour is vanilla. However there are over 1000 manufacturers in Britain making flavours such as sausage sorbet with caper cream, black pepper and stilton.

6. Prior to the invention of the cone, ice cream was served in glass jars called licks. Once they had been used the jars were wiped clean then reused. They were banned in 1926 on public health grounds.

7. According to the British medical journal ice cream headaches are caused by the cold sensation on roof of the mouth triggering the expansion of the blood vessels in the forehead.

8. Neuroscientists at the institute of psychiatry in London carried out research on behalf of Unilever to see if ice cream did make people happy. They found that Ice Cream has an immediate effect on the parts of the brain that are stimulated when we get happy.

9. A knickerbocker glory is named after the trousers worn by Dutch settlers who arived in New York at the start of the 20th century.

10. Margaret Thatcher was part of a team of chemists who invented a process of doubling the amount of air that could be added to ice cream in an attempt to reduce costs. The result was the popular Mr Whippy style of Ice Cream.