Many people who were born in Canada have gone on to achieve great things.  Over the years Canadians have won world titles in sporting events such as figure skating, hockey, curling and so on.  

There also are quite a few Canadians who have had very successful acting or singing careers.  We may have a small population, but we sure have some great talent.  

Some of the people on this list may surprise you.  These are all individuals that a significant number of people from other countries likely know.  Oh, and I will mention Justin Bieber right now, the young sensation that many teenage girls are crazy about.  He's not someone I pay attention to, but then I'm not in that age group.  He shouldn't be overlooked due to his massive success.  Here are  ten more well known Canadians.  

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Rachel was born in 1978 and hails from London, Ontario.  Her acting career got underway while she was still a teenager. 

Initially, she starred in Canadian productions.  Rachel got her big break in 2004, starring in the melodrama The Notebook.   She met fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling who was her costar in the film.  The two had a relationship for a few years but are no longer together.  This movie was a huge success, and branded her as an 'it girl'.  

For the most part, McAdams has been in movies that can be best described as romantic dramas.  However, on occasion she has been featured in other genres, including a couple of thrillers. 

Her biggest hit to date was in the 2012 film The Vow.  It has earned $200 million worldwide.

Unlike most Canadians in the film industry, Rachel continues to live in Canada.  She lives in Toronto and seems to live a quiet life when not filming or promoting her latest movies.  

Director James Cameron

Although Cameron may not be a household name, almost everyone is familiar with at least two of his movies; Avatar and The Titanic. 

James Cameron was very successful by the time he produced the two blockbusters .  His earlier movies include The Terminator and its sequel, along with Aliens and True Lies. 

His movies have earned over $6 billion worldwide.  In 2010 he achieved the remarkable feat of being the highest paid person in Hollywood for that year.  

Cameron was born and raised in Ontario.  He was working as a truck driver and living a very ordinary life in the 1970s. However, after seeing Star Wars he decided to quit his job and take a chance at directing and producing movies.  It didn't take long for him to achieve extraordinary success.  

Dan Aykroyd

Dan is from the Canadian capital of Ottawa.   He achieved fame on Saturday Night Live.  He did a lot of impersonations on the show, including Richard Nixon and Vincent Price.

He was also part of the iconic Blues Brothers band, which was first featured on the television show. The group was the subject of a highly successful movie.   Akroyd founded the band along with his good friend Jim Belushi.   The band carried on after the death of Belushi with other band members.

Aykoyd also starred in the hit movie Ghostbusters.  He cowrote the script for that film along with a few others.  He also received the nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Driving Miss Daisy. Although he has lived in the US for years, he maintains a second home in Ontario.  

Eric McCormack

Eric is from Toronto.  In the 1980s he joined the Stratford Festival and performed there for several years.  

He then moved to California and found steady work in movies and on tv, but none of these could be described as major roles.  His breakthrough came when he won the role of Will in Will and Grace.  The series was a hit and lasted for eight seasons. 

Since the program has ended, McCormack has appeared on tv as a guest star on established programs and in tv movies.  He currently is the lead on a cable program called Perception.  He also maintains home a home in both the United States California and Canada.  

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan was born and raised in the upscale Kitsilano area of Vancouver.  He's appeared on the Sexiest Man Alive list three times, and won the top prize once.  That is something I think many women could agree with.  

His acting career began in the early 1990s.  He's had steady work on tv and in movies, although most have not been major hits. His most popular movies include The Proposal, X-Men, Green Lantern and Blade Trinity.  

Raymond Burr

Three Well Known Canadian Actors Who Are No Longer With Us

Raymond Burr hails from New Westminster in BC.  He was in films for several years before he got his big break as the iconic Perry Mason.  The series was very successful for many years, and Burr played the character again for several TV movies that were featured on NBC.  

Lorne Greene was also raised in Ontario.  He is best known as Ben Cartwright on the long running Bonana series.

Cory Montieth had a very promising career ahead of him when he died suddenly of an accidental drug overdose.  He was raised in Victoria, and had close ties to many people in Vancouver.  It was here that he passed away in July of 2013.  He was featured in Glee, a very popular show that appeals particularly to younger audiences. 


Celine Dion

Celine is probably our most famous and successful singer.  It was apparent from the time she was a young girl growing up in Quebec that she had a lot of talent.

She's had many popular hits and a successful show in Las Vegas for many years.  In 2008 she returned to Quebec to do a free concert which attracted about half a million people.  Celine has recorded music in both French and English.  She has an absolutely amazing voice. 

Michael J. Fox

Michael was born in Alberta, but spent most of his early years in the Vancouver area.  He achieved fame in the popular comedy Family Ties, playing a conservative son with liberal parents.  He also starred in the big screen adventure Back to the Future.

Several years ago Michael was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease.  It is quite unsual for someone so young to develop this disease.  Michael has been an advocate for people with this condition and is greatly admired for his courage.

He's also well loved and very popular with the residents of Vancouver.  A theater in nearby Burnaby has been named after him.