Your 10 point plan to a new you

1. Make Your Decision

Making the decision to get fit and stay fit can be made only by you. So make your decision today and go for it.

2. Affirmation

It may sound crazy but having your very own personal affirmation works wonders. Say to yourself something like “I am fit and energetic” over and over and you will be amazed that that is what will happen.  Make up your own affirmation – just make it positive and make it present tense – don’t say “I am going to be fit and energetic” – say “I am fit and energetic”. 

3. Set Achievable Goals

When you’ve made your decision to get fit you need to set achievable goals. Decide what is reasonable for you to achieve over a week or a month. 

4. Keep Notes

So that you can see how far you have come, make detailed notes about your weight, size, your resting pulse rate and your pulse rate after walking for twenty minutes. Set out your daily exercise schedule and tick off each activity as you achieve it. Update your notes every week and you will soon see how much progress you are making.

5. Treat Yourself

When you reach a target within your schedule, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good about yourself – not a candy bar, but what about a manicure or a massage.

6. Set Aside Time For You

Getting fit and staying fit are vital, so don’t feel guilty about making time for your exercise. Spending time on your fitness will make sure that you stay healthy for longer and have more stamina to do all the things you want to do. Set aside time every day to devote to your chosen exercise – even if it’s only ten minutes.

7.  Enjoy Your Exercise Time

Listening to music while you exercise can really give you a boost. Put on the radio or buy a personal stereo to listen to while you do your work-out or walk.

8. Join a Class

Moral support is often the best motivator. Join a class at your local leisure centre and make a commitment to yourself to attend every session.

9. Gear Up

Make sure that your exercise clothes and shoes are comfortable and practical – and make you feel good when you wear them.

10. Visualise your ideal self

Only you can make your dream come true – picture your ideal self (fit, healthy and happy) and keep that picture in your mind’s eye. You can be that person – if you really want to and work towards your dream slowly but constantly.