Take time to really SEE the sunset, and other suggestions for making the most of this built in day for celebration

See the Sunset on Any Given Sunday

I think of Sunday as the exclamation point at the end of every week's sentence. It's already sanctioned as a day of rest by the best of all the good books out there, and so, with God's permission, we're all given this day of days to do and re-do in our own great ways.

Here's my top ten great things when the calendar tells you it's Sunday:

1. Wake Up Slowly

While every other day of the week might start with the alarm clock, on Sunday, let yourself wake up slowly. Let the dog wake you up, or your lover, or if you're on your own, just stay in the dream a little while longer asking, in that liminal way, to show you an alternate ending to the story that started in your unconscious. Open your eyes, and close them again, hug your pillow from the other side, stay under the covers until you just can't stay there anymore. Linger.

2. Walk in Nature

While there are all kinds of cathedrals to visit on Sundays, be sure to give yourself the opportunity to visit the house of nature. Pick a path along the beach or a hill you've never climbed and let yourself go on a long, rambling walk in the wider world of the natural order. See how nature keeps her houses and notice what's growing up from the earth in any given season. Take a deep breath in when you get all the way lost from the civilized world. Rest and relax in knowing that this, too, keeps growing as you do--that there is some nature left that supports your human one. Revel in the insights that nature freely gives you. Feel what it feels like to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

3. Drink Something Special

Whether you stop for a long, tall, glass of something cold or warm your hands around a mug of your favorite hot drink, stop, at some point in the day, and let someone handcraft a drink for you. You can make it an adventure--stopping in a dive you've never been in, or visiting a fancy hotel bar. You can make it a game--visiting a new town that's not so terribly far away each Sunday and sampling their local watering hole(s). Whatever you drink, let Sunday be the day you really take your time to taste and enjoy it.

4. Take Time to Really See the Sunset

At the end of every day, there's a gorgeous built in celebration called Sunset.  In some places you can find people pulling over their cars and getting out to sit on the hood or walk along the path to some vista that looks out over something spectacular.  Maybe, too, you'll notice that their eyes are focused in some far off horizon literally lighting up with the reflections of the colors in the sky.  This miracle of sunset--the grand watercolor painting that plays out as a movie for real time viewing can be savored on a Sunday.  Whereas most five o'clock time frames might have you inching along in traffic, on most Sundays there's no better place to be than outside, looking up, noticing the perfect ushering in of a great night.  

Life is long until it isn't.  There are gorgeous ways to celebrate every day of every week--and certainly, you can integrate all of these suggestions into the perfect plan for a worthwhile week. Celebrate your life in all the easy ways there are--it's precious. And so are You.

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