Gift ideas for Christmas can be hard to come by and it's even more of a challenge on a tight budget. Here are ten great ideas for cheap Christmas gifts.

1.Make up a gift basket (or gift bag) of someone's favorite candy bars or other treats. $10 to $20.

2.Homemade cookies on a holiday keepsake plate are yummy and economical. $10 to $15.

3.Magazine subscriptions are inexpensive and last for an entire calendar year. If someone has a hobby, such as woodworking, there are specialty trade magazines that would make a great gift. $12 to $20.

4.Movie tickets or a holiday DVD along with a box of microwave popcorn make fore festive and entertaining cheap Christmas gifts. $10 to $25.

5.A digital photo key chain is an affordable gift for gadget lovers (and grandparents who are ready to upgrade to the modern version of the brag book--just be sure to preload the photos for them). $10 to $20.

6.Find a Half Price Books store in your area and buy new books at drastic discounts for the readers in your family. Walmart also features bestselling books at deep discounts. Don't forget the sale tables at Borders or Barnes and Noble either. $5 to $15.

7. T-shirts with art or funny sayings are affordable and fun. There are dozens of vendors to choose from and there's something for everyone. Cafe Press is a good place to start online, but there will also be stores at your local mall. $10 to $25.

8.Candles make a nice gift too. Stores like Bath & Body Works often run specials such as 2 candles for $20 which you can split into 2 gifts for a cost of $10 per person.

9.Christmas decorations at the local craft stores such as Pat Catan's or Micheal's are affordable and make good gifts for young couples, young adults or the Christmas-aholic who can never own enough Christmas stuff. Craft stores often have holiday silk flower arrangements available for purchase at affordable prices. Craft shows, hosted by local churches and schools, are also a great place to shop for cheap Christmas gifts. Plus, you get the bonus of supporting local crafters and artists. $10 and up.

10. Nice bottles of wine are affordable and can be paired with a wine stopper for an elegant gift. Research what the 'hot' wines are and buy a bottle or purchase wine you know the recipient already likes. $10 to $30.

Still not finding the perfect gift on your tight budget? Here are some shopping tips...

1. Shop online at places that allow you to view products by price point. For example, Etsy has a gallery of items at $20, $50 and $100 price points. Catalogs like JcPenney's often have gift guides sorted by price as well. Look only at the price point you want to shop at--ignore everything else!

2.Go window shopping and see what's on the shelves. Some deals are unadvertised and there's always something on clearance.

3. When all else fails, a gift card to the recipient's favorite store in an amount you can afford is always appreciated.

4. Don't forget to go shopping after the holiday to scoop up deals for next year. The real savings are in planning ahead.