Finding inexpensive stockInexpensive Stocking Stuffersing stuffers for the kids under 5 dollars that will still bring a smile to their face doesn’t have to be hard.

Filling those stockings can get expensive, sometimes more than the gifts under the tree!  But there are a few ideas less than 5 dollars that can fit in the stockings and your kids will enjoy.

Chocolate or Candy – Depending on how many stockings you have to fill, you can purchase a box of chocolates, and then split the chocolates up into small goodie bags or baggies and tie with colourful ribbon.  Put these baggies in each stocking.  This way they get a decent amount and yet not enough to make them sick! 

You can get small boxes of chocolates for less than ten dollars, and if you put a few pieces in each baggie, the cost goes lower per stocking.

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers - Batteries

Travel Games – You can usually get these in the dollar stores.  These are small card and board games, that are small enough to take on trips, and yet big enough to take up room in that stocking!  It can sit in there along with the chocolate goodie bag!

Parts of Other Gifts – Say you have purchased them a game that requires batteries, instead of getting the batteries and including them in the game, you can put the package of batteries in the stocking, and let them wonder just what they are for!  (This idea works best if they open the stockings first!).  Just make sure they are wrapped up in the stocking.

This works well for other parts of toys, such as doll clothes, or craft supplies too.  By taking a piece of a main gift, you can make it seem like there are lots of gifts by adding the Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers - Craft Kitsextra pieces to the stocking.

Art Supplies – You don’t have to spend a lot here, you can head to the dollar store, or even the discount department store and find art supplies that can be split up such as kits for making jewelry or other crafts. 

Stamp Craft Kit

You can head to the dollar store and get empty little plastic containers or unfinished little wooden trinket boxes, and then fill them with the smaller supplies that you have split up such as beads, crayons, stickers, stamps etc. 

Extra Mitts – These are handy for filling in the gaps!  Depending on your climate, extra mitts are always welcome in the winter.  You can get these at local discount department stores as well as dollar stores.  Find them in bright colours to add to the stocking décor.

Bag of Popcorn or Small Cereal Box – You can make popcorn and then put it in a baggy to help fill the gaps too!  If you don’t like to make popcorn you can buy a bag of caramel or other flavoured popcorn and then separate it out into baggies tied off with a colourful ribbon. Or you could purchase those smaller packages of cereal and put one of their favourites in the stocking.  You can usually get these in packages of 6, and they are the single serving cereals, that can be split up amongst the stockings.

Book Sox – These are stretchy book covers that have vivid sceneries on them.  You can get these in department stores, office supply stores or online at sites such as Amazon for under 5 dollars (depending on the size you need)  these are a great way to decorate their text books for school or any other book they may have.

Fake Tattoos – these are always fun to get, and they wash off.  You can get these in packages too, that can then be split up amongst the Christmas stockings. These are great inexpensive stocking stuffer for younger kids.

Photo Album – You can get little photo albums from the dollar store.  You could put a favourite picture in the front or personalize it with your child’s name for fun.  Or fill a few sleeves in with some pictures of them you probably have on your hard drive or digital camera.  This makes a great keepsake gift, especially for older kids and teens.

Small Picture Frames – You can get unfinished picture frames for under 5 dollars at discount department stores in the craft supply section as well as some dollar stores.  You could put a picture into the frame, such as a picture of their pet or them with some friends and then they can decorate the frame.

Above are 10 inexpensive stocking stuffers for Christmas this year that I hope have inspired you with some ideas.  With a little planning you can fill that stocking without breaking the bank.   Pictures on your computer are a great place to start, especially if they are of good times with the family, friends or their pets. 

You could also try replacing their Christmas stockings with some new ones that are not quite as big and won’t take as much to fill!  Have a great holiday season!