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Beauty has many definitions, usually including a myriad of routines with makeup, exercise, and even plastic surgery. Those solutions might work for a short time, but in my opinion, if we work from the inside out our natural beauty will be seen despite any flaws we think we may have.


I love it when people smile at me. I never notice whether they have bags under their eyes, the latest style in clothes, or if they exercised that day. All I experience is the glow of happiness they give to me. This is all from a genuine smile. A genuine smile reaches the eyes and gives a lift to those who experience it.ChristineCredit: Self

Good posture

What does good posture have to do with beauty? Good posture gives the impression that you are aware of your body and the effect it has on others. Your posture lets others know what you feel about yourself, and they will be guided how to treat you by your body language. A relaxed and confident posture will help others trust what you say and give permission to the crowd to follow your lead.

Give compliments

Giving compliments may be seen as fishing for compliments or trying to deceive so you can get what you need. This is where being genuine will assist you in your goal to be beautiful. I was shopping late the other night. I was in a bit of a rush because I wanted to get home. I decided to go through the self-checkout, so I would not have to make small-talk with the cashier. I finished checking all my groceries and made my way to the exit. The person in front of me acknowledged the cashier stationed to help at the self-checkout, and I looked over at the cashier, and she was smiling and commented that she loved my hat. It startled me, and I managed a hurried thank you. On my way to the car, I felt so happy because if that simple compliment. It was a kind reminder for me to take the time to help others feel good.

Drink water

When you are in a bad mood more often than not you are dehydrated. A bad mood can make anyone ugly, or act in ugly ways. Keep a bottle of water with you and take frequent sips. Notice how quickly thinking becomes clearer and problems are not so looming. Byproducts of drinking water include flushing the body of toxins, keep your entire system functioning well, and a great attitude.

Show or speak appreciation

There are people in our lives who we tend to think will remain because they love us. Take a moment and think of someone special in your life. Have you recently told them how much you appreciate them in word or deed? It is easy to focus on appreciation for short-lived relationships and interactions like customers, cashiers, or the waiter for your table in a restaurant. Those acts of thanks are important, but showing appreciation for your special relationships will keep you glowing with beauty.

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Have a positive attitude

A positive attitude is not ignoring your feelings, but allowing yourself to pass through them and finding peace again. This means that you allow others to feel how they feel without trying to change or correct how they feel. This is where you hold space for anyone in a happy, peaceful place and patiently wait for them to join with you. A positive attitude will let others know you are safe and able to handle life when it is not so wonderful. This is a very beautiful quality.

Practice kind acts

Practicing acts of kindness is really an easy habit to get into. I recommend starting small, for instance, holding the door for someone, or letting someone go ahead of you in the grocery line. Then you can start to branch out from there. Some of my favorite acts of kindness for others include, bringing coffee to the construction workers in my neighborhood, leaving quarters on coin machines at the store, and leaving chocolate coins in an inspirational book in random locations. The only kind act I saw the immediate result of was with the construction workers. They were delighted and shocked with the gift. I am certain that I was a beautiful sight to them on that cold winter morning.

Receive gifts graciouslykindnessCredit: Self

Often others want to give us something, and we refuse because either, we think we do not deserve it or we do not have a plan of how to return the favor. My challenge this year has been to raise my level of receiving. Almost instantly I was showered with dinners, gifts, and acts of love. Some days I had to pause for a moment and breathe so I could raise my ability to receive and thank the giver instead of refusing the offered gift. This lets you know that others recognize the beauty in you and allows you to fill your well of love.

Practice good manners

Manners are one of the most attractive qualities a person can have in my eyes. Please, thank you, chewing with your mouth closed, and saying excuse me are the blue prints to a well-mannered individual. These acts tend to echo out to other areas in life and make you a wonderful person to be around, and consequently, very beautiful.

Recognize the beauty in others

When you notice the good, intelligent, creative, and beauty of others, they can reflect that back to you. I find that the world around me reflects what I project. If I see at least one good quality about someone, it is likely that others will notice my finer points. It is not always easy, but after a few days of practice, it will be second nature to see loveliness in anyone you meet.

Beauty can be skin deep or soul deep. It all comes down to the choice between seeking that which is always beautiful or that which is charming only in time.