There are some great nursery themes that can revolve around popular children’s movies. Use this list to give you some ideas and help develop your baby’s room.

1. Bambi: The great thing about Bambi is the large number and variety of adorable animals. The decorations do not need to be overtly Bambi, they can simply allude to the movie and the environment.

Bambi Decorations

  • Bambi Tapestry Wall Hanging: There are a few different styles of tapestry attached to stylish wooden dowels for hanging floating around various websites like Amazon and Ebay. The average price is $30-$40.  
  • Handmade Bambi Pillow: Etsy seller captainlovesfabric creates these fantastic cushions with a classic Bambi silhouette. 

2. Toy Story: Pixar has helped cement this movie as somewhat of a dynasty and the series will likely be popular for decades to come. There are enough characters add flair to multiple bedroom walls. This theme perfectly accents a more modern ‘toy themed’ bedroom.

Toy Story Decorations

  • Buzz Lightyear nightlights can be found at nearly any major retailer. Every kids room needs a nightlight so make sure that yours contributes to the theme.
  • Toy Story wall stickers can also be found at major retailers. These are great because they give children the option to decorate and rearrange their own room without the risk of making mistakes that mom or dad has to fix later. While these wall decals are found in stores, it is much easier to find them online.

3. Fantasia: Parents will need to edit this theme to ensure it does not contain some of the more scary elements of the movie. Still, there are a number of light-hearted, whimsical characters and environments in the movie that would work well in a baby’s room.

Fantasia Decorations

  • A wild area rug would contribute nicely to this theme. It doesn’t necessarily need to be Disney branded or feature specific characters but would support the theme nicely if it featured stars, moons, wizard caps or colorful swirls.
  • I think for the Fantasia nursery theme, a stuffed Mickey is a must. It is very easy to find the Fantasia version of Mickey where he is wearing the wizards cap. Set that toy on a shelf or bookcase to add a simple touch.

 4. Lion King: Aside from the fact that it had one of the best musical scores of all time, the Lion King was and still is a fun and popular kid’s movie. There are multiple character groups and environments to use to address multiple walls.

Lion King Decorations

  • While the Disney characters are necessary to pull off this theme according to the movie, it’s possible to sneak in some great generic jungle or lion images. Visit Etsy seller caramelexpressions to find a unique, beautiful lion family print that would make a great addition to any Lion King themed nursery.
  • I am not normally a fan of wallpaper but there are some great Lion King wall borders that would accent a nursery wonderfully. Decide whether this will be featured near the ceiling or along the middle of your baby room walls.

 5. Finding Nemo: In 2010, I was a kindergarten teacher and my students were all familiar with this 2003 release. The images and characters in this film would find an excellent home in an underwater themed nursery.

Finding Nemo Decorations

  • Etsy seller CreativeButterflyXOX makes a fantastic Finding Nemo wreath that would serve as an excellent addition to the outer door of a nursery.
  • Of all possible nursery themes, the ocean theme offers parents the biggest variety of choices when it comes to wall stickers. In addition to the typical Disney characters you can find some great accents to spice up the walls for this theme.

6. Winnie the Pooh: Some will say popularity in this series is waning but question any pre-school aged child and they will likely be able to identify most of the characters. A Winnie the Pooh themed nursery would be soft, with smiling characters (even Eeyore smiles sometimes) and a fantastic forest environment.

Winnie the Pooh Decorations

  • Search for the just-right porcelain honey pot to use as a piggy bank. It is typically the small, unassuming items that help to round out a nursery and this would be perfect.
  • The website Art Fire offers to create personalized Winnie the Pooh name blocks that feature the letters of your child’s name and Winnie the Pooh characters. Present these on a shelf for a personal touch that your child can play with as they grow.

7. Fox and the Hound: This 1981 Disney classic was followed up with a sequel in 2006. It is not a very popular or well-known title but the characters are adorable and the environment is forest and farm, which is always easy and fun.

Fox and the Hound Decorations

  • Disney released a Fox and the Hound LP that would look great framed. Search the internet (Etsy & eBay) for copies of the LP and purchase a $20 frame for a fine piece of wall art.
  • There are a number of different Fox and the Hound posters to be had on various websites. Check most websites that sell posters for a copy and don’t forget to purchase a subtle frame.

 8. 101 Dalmatians: Puppy themes are very popular for little boy’s rooms, 101 Dalmatians just give the theme a frame of reference. It is a heartwarming movie with a number of other animals and environments to present throughout the theme.

101 Dalmatians Decorations

  •  For the crib, purchase 101 Dalmatians fitted sheets. You may think that it will not be seen but the understated additions to nursery décor are the ones that make the best impressions.
  • Add to the Disney character decorations by framing a tasteful real-life image of a Dalmatian. Visit Etsy, Ruby Lane or Sears to find an affordable wall art option.

9. Looney Tunes: There is not a proper Looney Tunes movie but the characters are universal and many parents deck-out the kid’s room with these images.

Looney Tunes Decorations

  • Most baby room themes benefit from a stuffed animal on display. There is a wonderful Bugs Bunny jack-in-the-box that would look awesome on a shelf or bookcase in a Looney Tunes themed bedroom.
  • The addition of a Baby Looney Tunes crib mobile would stand out well in this bedroom. The easiest place to find one of these (Looney Tunes is not as popular as it once was) is eBay, there are always a few for a reasonable price.      

10. Cars: This is another franchise that quickly became a classic. Kids will be familiar with these characters for years to come and there will likely be more sequels and network cartoons. The characters can easily be integrated into a general racecar theme. Cars decorations can easily be integrated into nearly any transportation themed nursery.

Cars Decorations

  •  A street play mat is essential in any nursery theme that features cars or transportation. You don’t need an expensive, Disney themed mat. Find an affordable, sturdy model and keep it nice and clean.
  • Find some cheap, checkered flags and hang them in the room, crossed. This would make a great addition to the outside of a nursery door also.

Designing and decorating a nursery for a new baby is a big job. Hopefully, you were able to use this list to find some great nursery ideas based on popular children's movies.

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