Coupons Galore!

Expand Your Coupon Stash By Getting Free Coupons From These Sources


Extreme couponers have impressive stashes of coupons in their coupon organizers, but where in the world do they get all of them?  Each person has their own ways of getting the coupons and they don't necessarily look in all these places but use a variety of sources, relying mainly on their favorite one or two.  Try them out and see what you think and then use the method that works best for you. 

Almost Free Coupons
While coupons cannot legally be sold, it does cost money to obtain them sometimes.  As long as you are not spending more than a few cents to acquire your coupons, you'll still be ahead in the savings game. These four ways to get coupons won't cost you much moeny at all. 

1. Sunday Newspapers
Probably the most common way to get coupons and the one that most people use.  The McDonald's in my hometown offers the Sunday paper for just 99 cents so it's affordable, as long as you aren't buying breakfast or lunch along with it, and you will usually net more than a buck in savings.  Some extreme couponers budget to buy four to ten newspapers a week so that they have multiples of good coupons and can trade ones the don't want with others.  Before purchasing your paper, be sure to check that the coupons are inside.  On at least two occasions I've gotten home with a coupon-less newspaper; and it wasn't one of the weeks where they just don't include coupons.

2. Online Coupon Clipping Service
There are several women making a nice work at home income by clipping newspaper coupon inserts and selling them online, saving couponers the trouble of having to go out and buy a paper that they might not otherwise read.  Additionally, having the coupons already clipped is a huge time-saver which is great for working moms who may want to try their hand at couponing but aren't sure how to find the time.

3. Ebay
While it is legal to sell coupons, hundreds of people get around this daily by selling envelopes.  The envelopes are then filled with coupons and the envelopes are sold from about fifty cents to a few dollars depending on the coupons contained in said envelope.  I've both bought and sold such envelopes and found the prices to be decent for my purposes.  When my son was out of diapers, I collected the coupons for different brands and sold envelopes containing about $30 off in coupons for each specific brand.  I got nearly 20 bids and sold the envelope for over $4.  It won't make you rich, but it took just five minutes to list it and another few to address and mail the envelope at the end.

4. Manufacturer's Websites
Often manufacturer's keep printable coupons on their websites so all you need to do is print them out, which costs you a small amount in ink and paper.  Many times you can print them twice, just hit your browser's "back" button to print again.  Check back every few weeks as they generally get reset, meaning that you can print them again, or changed to a new coupon.

5. Coupon Websites
There are any number of websites and blogs dedicated to couponing and acquiring coupons and using them to score awsome deals.  They often link to sites, those run by the same people who give you the SUnday coupons, with printable coupons. An added plus is that the blogs often give you sale match ups or alert you to hot coupons, so make sure you print them immediately as they often have limits as to how many can be printed. 
Free Coupons
If you can't afford or don't want to pay a little something to get your coupons than these are some tips you must try out.  They also work great for getting multiples of coupons which come in handy when  you find items on clearance and, using coupons, can get them for a up to 75% off or more.
1. Recycling Bins
Get up early in the morning to go for a money saving walk and check out the neighbors recycling bins for extra coupons.  Also check near your local newspaper sometime on Sunday when they would be putting the extras out into their recycling bins.  
2. Gas Stations and Supermarkets
If you are a night owl, this one will work well for getting free coupons.  Around 11:30 at night, head out to the local stores and gas stations and ask if you can have the coupons from the papers.  I've heard many people having great success with this, hardly ever being refused the coupons especially if they are also buying a cup of coffee or filling up their tank at the same time.  Choose an intersection that has a station on each corner, and walk around to save on time and gas. 
3. Family and Friends
If you're the only extreme couponer in your family and group of friends, just casually mention to them that you are looking to build your coupon stash and will gladly accept their unwanted coupons.  It won't take them any time to set them aside for you and if they live too far from you, ask them to save up the inserts for a few weeks and put them in a large envelope that will cost around a buck to mail.  Since coupons don't expire for three to six months, this won't be much of a problem and you can repay them for their kindness by giving them some of your super cheap grocery store finds or a gift card to their favorite place. 
4. Libraries and Restaurants
If lunch or dinner out on Sunday afternoon is a part of your Sunday routine, ask if they have any coupon inserts from the morning paper.  Often family style diners, cafes and coffee shops have subscriptions for the convenience of their customers.  Also check out your library which is sure to get at least two or three Sunday papers.  If you aren't a regular at the library, call first to make sure that they are open on Sunday as many are not.  Head in first thing Monday morning if your library is closed for the weekend. 
5. Your Mailbox
Unless you've gotten off every mailing list that's out there, you probably get half-inch thick packs of coupons every few weeks from some company wanting to give you great special offers.  While most of those papers will get tossed in your recycling bin since they are usually postcards for you to send in to get more info on a language learning product or buy a comfy set of pajamas that you wouldn't be caught dead in, there will be a few useful coupons in there on occasion.  It's worth a few minutes of your time, during a commercial break perhaps, to sift through the contents and see what's in there.  Also check out the magazines that you subscribe to as they often include some coupons.  They are usually much higher value, or for free items, than newspaper coupon inserts.
6. Online
Do you read blogs that point you to great freebies all around the web? If not make sure you start.  With almost every free sample of cereal, feminine hygiene product, coffee, laundry soap or whatever the freebie is for, the company will send you a high value, or even free product, coupon to use when you purchase the item.  
If you are new to couponing and have a desire to earn the right to be called an extreme couponer, than just start out building your coupon stash slowly.  Decide which of these ways will work best for getting coupons and then choose one way to try this week.  See how it goes and, if you are up for it, add another way in a week or two. Soon you'll have a coupon stash that makes other couponers drool! Get busy, find some coupons and store them in a fun coupon organizer.

 Where do you find your coupons?  Share your other ideas in the comments.