Scariest Asian Horror Films for you on Halloween

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Halloween is the best time of the year to watch scary movies with your family, friends and loved ones. It is one night of the year when supposedly spirits will cross over to our dimension. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to watch some of the scariest movies ever made.

But this year, you should try something a little different. Why not watch an Asian scary movie? Some Asian countries namely Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand have produced some of the scariest Asian films that are comparable to those produced by Hollywood. To help you make your choice, below is a list of ten scariest Asian horror films from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and one from Malaysia.

1. Ju-On

Perhaps you’ve heard of the English version of Ju-On which is given the title of The Grudge. The original version is in Japanese. Both versions were directed by the same director, Takashi Shimizu. Ju-On is  a movie about two vengeful ghosts who were murdered and now haunts the house where they’ve been murdered and would kill anyone who steps into the house. The Japanese version is truly scarier than the English version so you should watch the original. Ju-On is extremely popular that a sequel was made, Ju-On 2. You might want to watch both movies to experience the real horror of Ju-On.

Watch the trailer of Ju-On below :

2. Infection (2004)

Infection is a Japanese psycho-thriller movie that manages to keep the audience guessing the outcome of the movie. It takes place in a run-down hospital that is on the brink of bankruptcy. A mistake made by one of the nurses results in a cover-up that leads to further complications.

Watch the trailer of Infection below :

3. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

A Tale of Two Sisters is a Korean psychological thriller which is masterfully directed by Jee-woon Kim. It is about two sisters who have just been released from a mental institution. However, life doesn’t get back to normal as the family is being haunted by a ghost. The twist at the end of the movie is highly unexpected and you’ll find that the movie has satisfactorily answered all questions that you may have throughout watching the movie.

Watch the trailer of A Tale of Two Sisters below :

4. The Eye (2002)

The Eye is a Hong Kong made movie that has also been remade by Hollywood in 2008 with Jessica Alba playing the blind girl who receives a cornea transplant. After the transplant, the girl begins to see ghosts and other events that have yet to happen. The Eye spawns two sequels The Eye 2 and The Eye 10 which are not as good as the first one. This movie also has an Indian remake, Naina.

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5. Shutter (2004)

Shutter is a brilliant Thai horror movie about a photographer who finds strange images on the pictures that he takes. Later he finds out that something has been haunting him and his girlfriend discovers that all is not as what it seems and that her boyfriend/photographer has a sinister past. This movie has been remade in English in 2008 with the same title.

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6. 4bia (2008)

4bia is a horror anthology with four very frightening stories. The first story “Happiness” is about a girl who’s alone at home and communicating via text messages with a stranger whom she discovers has some sinister intentions. The second story “Tit for Tat” tells the story of a bullied boy who uses black magic to get back at his bullies. The third story “In The Middle” spins the tale of four friends whose kayaking adventures end in tragedy. The last and most frightening story “Last Fright” brings you a horrifying experience of an flight attendent who has to travel alone with a dead body.

Watch the trailer of 4bia below :

7. Body (2007)

Body is a movie about Chon who has been having nightmares only to discover that the nightmares contain clues to a mystery. This Thai movie can at times be quite confusing so you might need to watch it a few times in order to understand the plot.

Watch the trailer of Body below :

8. Black Night (2006)

With Black Night, you not only get three different stories but also these stories are from three different directors. The first is from Hong Kong titled “Next Door” which is about a Taiwanese girl who comes home to Hong Kong to discover that her policeman boyfriend has been sleeping with her neighbor. The second story is from Japan titled “Dark Hole” which tells the story of Yuki who’s been having nightmares. One day, she begins to notice a boy who is only visible to her. Her fiance suggests that she meets with a psychiatrist and under hypnosis, the mystery begins to unravel. The last story is from Thailand titled “The Lost Memory” which is about Prang who is a single mother with a son. She notices that she’s been stalked by a man whom she believes is sent by her ex-husband to steal her son away but all is not as it seems when her past begins to catch up with her.

Watch the trailer of Black Night below :

9. Alone (2007)

Pim is one half of a conjoined twin. In the movie Alone, Pim is the surviving half. After separating from her twin, she has frightening flashbacks and it seems that her twin is rather angry that she’s broken her promise to stay together forever.

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10. Possessed (2006)

Possessed is a movie jointly made by Malaysia's Hock Star Entertainment and China's Beijing 3 Bros Film & Media Company. It is in Cantonese. It tells the story of two sisters who goes to Malaysia from China to further their modelling and singing career. But things don’t go as plan when one sister goes missing and the other falls into a coma and is brought back to China. Waking up five months later, the sister decides to go back to Malaysia to continue with her career and to look for her missing sister.

Watch the trailer of Possessed below :

Halloween is not the same without some horror so enjoy watching the above ten scariest Asian horror films.