With the increasingly growing list of chronic diseases and the skyrocketing prices of health care services, a lot of people are striving to find ways to stay healthy. If you want to save on health care costs but find it difficult to include healthy habits in your lifestyle, here are some tips that can help you and your family:

  1. Be informed about health and medical news and developments.

Information is the best tool you can have in your quest to stay healthy. New medicines and treatments are being developed everyday but there are also up and coming diseases to watch out for. For information, you can choose to go online and read electronic versions of public health journal articles. You can even subscribe to one and get your health news delivered straight to your inbox.

  1. Fight the bulge.

Obesity and excess pounds are two of the leading causes of many health problems from heart disease to back pain. Save yourself from additional problems by trying to cut down on your fat intake. Stick to a balanced diet and do regular exercise to keep the bulges and pounds at bay. The better shape you are in, the greater you'll feel.

  1. Stay physically active.

As much good as exercise does in fighting flab, it is also a good way to keep your muscles and other body parts working as efficiently as possible. Exercise does not have to be a full workout regimen if you do not have the time. In fact, it could be as simple as walking your dog or a morning jog.

  1. Sneak extra exercise into your daily routine.

Errands are a good ways to increase your level of activity. Park your car farthest from the entrance of your building or grocery. This way, you have to walk farther to reach it. You can also choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator when you only need to go a few floors up or down.

  1. Keep stress at bay.

Stress can lead to all kinds of trouble like depression and physical pain. It can even affect your personal and professional life. Keep stress at bay by practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation. Getting sufficient rest also helps a lot.

  1. Relax from time to time.

Relaxation has actually become a medical treatment. It's very important to relax in the evenings after working or whenever you feel stressed or tired. Find somewhere that you feel comfortable in and just kick back. Reading a book, listening to music, and soaking in a bath are good choices when you want to relax.

  1. Cover up.

Sun exposure is one of the causes of major skin problems. Keep your skin and your health protected by covering up. Using sunscreen and other types of sun protection daily can help you keep yourself from being sun-damaged.

  1. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Alcohol in moderation can help prevent some diseases. It is known that a glass of red wine a day can help prevent heart disease. But more than this amount, you run the risk of liver damage.

  1. Stop smoking.

Unlike alcohol, smoking does nothing good for your health. Stop and quit the habit to prolong your life and protect others from secondhand smoke which is just as dangerous.

  1. Keep a positive outlook.

A dose of positivity never hurt anybody. When you smile, your brain releases small amounts of serotonin that give your body a good feeling. Numerous studies have also proven that a positive person often have better health compared to someone who sulks constantly.