There are actually more than 10 reasons to visit this beautiful place, but here is just a taste when you decide to take a trip to Italy you simply have got to stop off at Florence. This is a city that is quite magical and has something for everyone. It is convenient to get to, whether you decide to drive, fly or take a train. There is no hustle and bustle like there is in Rome.

 Some people decide to drive in from Tuscany for the day because they would like to see a few things which is quite possible. The best thing is to drive to the Florence airport, park your car and then take a shuttle bus to the city where you can do your thing. Catching the train is another cheap option.

If you are based in Tuscany it could take between 1-2 hours depending on where you are based. However I recommend at least a weekend or 3 days to see what Florence has to offer, which are many things.

 Florence hotels are not in short supply and you will be able to find some sort of accommodation in the city. I booked a hotel the night before online, which I think is is probably the best way to go. Florence apartments are another option that you could take and can be a great experience overlooking the city.

Accademia Gallery

So of course, Florence will have to start off with Michelangelo. You will see the David everywhere. You will even see a real life statue, but don’t get too excited because that one is only a copy. The real one is in the museum. Another tip is to book a tour of the museum before you come. This will avoid a wait of up to 2 hours in the queue. You will spend a little more, but it is definitely worth it because you get the history and insight into the genius.

Uffizi Gallery

Being the largest gallery in all of Italy and one of the most well known, it is definitely worth a look. Like the Accademia it is worth your while booking a tour to avoid disappointment.

Michelangelo house

Michelangelo moved to Florence when he was young. The house where Michelangelo lived is now a museum that is dedicated to the life of Michelangelo and adorned with his works. This is near Santa Croche, so it is quite central. Michelangelo had a nephew who took it upon himself to preserve the house after the great man passed away.

Ponte Vecchio

This is a great spot to take a view of the city. Walk over the bridge and watch rowers go by. Watch reflections of Tuscan painted houses on the water as the sun goes down. Everyone has to see this sight.

ponte vecchio

Piazza Del Duomo

The third biggest dome in the world, in the heart of Florence, making it quite difficult to fit in a photograph. The cathedral is quite exquisite. There are services here if you are in the area and you want to attend. It is definitely worth the experience, even if you are not Catholic

Ice cream

You can’t walk far in Florence without passing a gelateria. A word of advice is to scout around and avoid the touristy areas near the museums. They are costly and often further back on the outskirts the ice-cream can be a lot better.


Florence is also a sophisticated city. Everyone thinks Milan is the place for shopping, but in Florence you can find great deals. How about coming to Italy and buying a pair of real Italian shoes?

Market at the Piazza di Santa Croce

Sunday is a good day to be in Florence. There is a huge market, which incorporates various parts of the world selling food from Germany, plants and bulbs from Holland as well as many other countries and of course lots of local produce which will include Tuscan delights, including olive oil, balsamic vinegar, great gifts as well as Tuscan pottery and ceramics. You might want to incorporate your visit to the market with a look at the Church of Santa Croche.

shopping in Florence

Walk around the city

This is a great city to walk around. You will never get bored of it, because the atmosphere is fantastic. There are always people walking in the city. A good time to visit is spring or in the Fall when there are less tourists.

It is also cooler at this time. The weather in Florence can get hot so you need to plan your trip well. It’s really safe and because it’s small, it’s easy to get to know so you won’t get lost easily.

Florence city

Loggia Della Signoria

When exploring the city, most people will come across this square adorned with an array of statues. Most of the originals can be found in the Accademia gallery so don’t be fooled, but you will still be surrounded in amazement. There are little restaurants here. Many people will sit on the stairs soaking in the atmosphere.