Packing up an entire life and taking it across town, across the state or even across the country is a stressful endeavor that most people dread. However, moving does not have to be so difficult, and with the right moving company to assist, it can even be an enjoyable experience. Consider what you need to make the move go smoothly and your movers will help assist at every stage. These tips will help you decide what is important and act accordingly.

  1. Choose a Moving Date

    Most movers have peak dates during the summer, so try to schedule your move during the off-season if possible. This will save you money and booking headaches. 
  2. Choose a Moving Company

    This part is important—you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that can give you what you need. Get written estimates, talk to your movers to get a feel for customer service, and even ask the Better Business Bureau for any relevant complaints.
  3. Take Care of Utility Transfers and Address Changes Right Away

Instead of waiting around until the last minute, schedule all of your utility transfers as soon as you know you will be moving. The same holds true for address changes—you can schedule your address change to take place on  your move date, making it possible to get these headaches out of the way as early as possible.

Pack as Early as Possible

Don’t leave all of your packing until the weekend before the move. Instead, start packing up a box at a time once you have a move date in sight. Pack up things that you will not use immediately first, such as seasonal clothes or decorations. Anything that you use daily can wait until the last few days, such as cookware and furniture.

 Decide What to Take, What to Replace and What to Throw Away

Moving is a great time to conduct some quick spring cleaning. Get rid of anything you don’t recognize or don’t anticipate using in the near future. Also, consider discarding items that are in poor condition so that you can replace them for the move. You will find that your move goes easier with less clutter, and that your new home feels more open and clean.

 No Matter What, Pack Carefully

Take your time packing, even if you are in a hurry. Pack valuables carefully and give everyday items the same level of care to minimize any damage that your belongings will incur during moving. Keep everything clearly organized and clearly marked to make relocating go as easily as possible.

 Keep Your Paperwork Safe and Close By

Any valuable documents will need some extra protection during the move, maybe in the form of a small safe that stays with you in the car. These records include anything personal such as driver’s license, insurance paperwork, birth certificates and bank records. You will also want to include anything pertinent to the move, such as written estimates for the job.

 Ask Your Movers to Help Unpack

As long as you are paying for a moving service, have your movers assist you in the unloading and unpacking process. Most movers offer this as part of their basic service.  Having a few extra hands can save you hours of work.

 Treat Your Movers Well

If your movers did everything that you expected, tip them 20% or more depending on your total satisfaction. Especially exceptional movers will undoubtedly enjoy a tip larger than 20%, although they will not demand or expect it. Thank your movers for a job well done and offer them refreshments after the hard labor.

 Bring the Wine and Champagne

Have a few of your favorite bottles and long-stemmed glasses on hand to celebrate after moving and unpacking is complete. You have survived one of the most stressful major life events: congratulations, you deserve a celebration!