Many people on InfoBarrel fail to realise that the title of your Article is probably the most important part of the entire article, so here I have come up with 10 tips and tricks to on how you might improve your InfoBarrel Article titles.

1) Be Detailed - sometimes there is really nothing else you can do than telling the potential reader what the article is actually about. and why it is worth their time to read it. Where if you are covering the article up in fancy wording, they may simply just not get it. This way you are hitting the nail on the head!

For Example: Ten Crucial Macroeconomics Ideas You Should Know.

2) Create a Good Association  - let the article title feature some positivity, where the article maybe a rather crowded topic, this is a great way to distinguish your articles from the rest.

For Example: Instead of 5 ways to beat Writer's Block, have something like 5 Great Ways to beat writer's block.

3) Generics - by creating some generics  you are making your article memorable, as you are more likely to remember something that is associated with the title.

For Example: Mr. Ford's Top 10 Motor Cars of the 1970's will be more memorable to someone rather than that of Mr. Green's Top 10 Motor Cars of the 1970's.

4) Add a  bit of Humour - when used well this is another great way to entice readers and make it memorable, however get it wrong then it can seriously backfire.

For Example: "train your boss like a dog"

5) Perhaps introducing some homophones, these are words that sound the same yet are different spellings attached to them, as they are there to stick in the mind.

For example: For egg sample.

6) Avoid Numbers - If someone is trying to remember or search for your article title it will be difficult, due to them not knowing if they should be searching for the number symobl or the word of the number.

For Example: If you put the actual number for example '5' or actual wrote the number out like 'five'.

7) Brand your title name - if people associate your pen name as a good writer then use it, as people will then know that the article must be of a high quality and hence are more inclined to click and view it.

For Example: Originator's Top Ten Sights to See in York, rather than Top Ten Sights to See in York.

8) Use SEO software - This can help you distinguish what is the best wording to use, so that you are gaining the maximum potential out of your article for organic views (views from the search engines).

For Example: I have recently heard a lot of good things about the SEO software Market Samurai.

9) Try using a famous title template - Find a famous title for a book and then  fill in the relevant words of your article, I have written an article before on using this technique to come up with 15 article ideas in under a minute.

For Example: How To Win Friends and Influence People, could be How To Write Articles and Make Sales.

10) A targeted second opinion - ask someone is this article name actually any good, however try and ask your target audience however.

For Example: If you wrote an article on Skateboards for teens, ask the opinion of someone who is a teenager and rides a skateboard.