Those who are new to the world of online auctions can learn a lot from reading these ten tips for selling on Ebay. There have been many changes at Ebay over the past few years, and most of those changes do not favor the seller. If you are new to selling on Ebay or have not been active for a while, use these then tip to help you get started.

Tip #1 for Selling on Ebay

Get Your Feedback Score Up

Every buyer and seller on Ebay has a feedback score. This number tells other buyers and sellers how active you have been, as well as how the transaction turned out. While some people have separate IDs-one for buying and another for selling-if you have no feedback at all, you do not want to do this.

You want to have at least ten positive feedbacks under your ID name. Active buyers and sellers on Ebay can be skittish about dealing with someone who is a newbie. It can be a very frustrating experience from a buyer’s point of view, as well as a seller, to know more about Ebay than the person who created the auction.

One way to build your feedback score is to buy from other sellers on Ebay. This Ebay tip will increase your score and leave you with the feedback you need to get started selling.

Tip #2 for Selling on Ebay

Open Up a Paypal Account

Longtime Ebay buyers and sellers remember when personal checks and money orders were acceptable forms of payment on Ebay. This is no longer the case. The only accepted form of payment is Paypal. If you do not have an account, then you will need to follow this Ebay selling tip and open an account.

Tip #3 for Selling on Ebay

Clean Out Your Closets and Sell Your Own Stuff

It is amazing what other people will consider treasure, and you consider it to be trash. If you are new to selling on Ebay, it is best to start auctions with the items you no longer use. You will be decluttering your house and earning some cash at the same time.

Tip #4 for Selling on Ebay

Do Your Research Before You List an Item

Tip #4 ties in directly to tip #3 for selling stuff on Ebay. Everyone seems to think that their stuff is worth more than it really is. Even if it is new with tags or unopened and still in the shrink-wrap, it is only worth what people are willing to pay. If no one wants it, then it really doesn’t matter if it is new and in mint condition.

Now that does not mean no one will ever want it. If you have room, put it aside and relist it at another time.

You will need an Ebay account to research “completed listings”. Write in the item you are searching for and the list from the last two weeks will appear. On the top of the page, you can select how you want the items listed. Go from highest to lowest, and then see how many of them sold (these will appear in green).

Go to each item and see what the starting bid is. This can give you a clue as to why there is a twenty dollar price differential between identical items that have sold on the same day or a day apart.

If it has sold many times, then you have a winner. If it has sold only a few times, again, check out the starting bids as well as how it was described and how the pictures look. See if free shipping was offered. These factors determine whether or not an item sells and for how much.

While it is certainly wonderful to donate to the worthwhile organizations, before you do, do your research. You may be surprised to find that Grandma’s 1950’s mah jongg set with the bakelite holders is worth a lot of money.

Tip #5 for Selling on Ebay

Read Books and Articles About Selling on Ebay

There are a lot of books about how to make money on Ebay. Which one to choose? Look for ones that have the most recent copyright, which means it should reflect the changes (it may not-it can be reissued with a new cover). Go to your local bookstore and peruse the business section. Invest in a guide that you can understand and you can keep beside your computer.

If you know someone who is an active Ebay seller, recruit her to help you get started. It is nice to have a guide at your side who knows what she is doing and can also give you her person Ebay selling tips.

Tip #6 For Selling on Ebay

Create an Auction Policy for Your Listings

This Ebay selling tip is necessary to protect yourself from crazy buyers. An auction policy clearly spells out your rules for all potential bidders. Your guidelines should include:

  • How many days after the close of the auction you expect payment
  • What days you go to the post office to mail packages
  • If an item can be returned or is being sold “As Is”.
  • If you ship worldwide or only the United States
  • If you give a “multiple auction wins” discount

Make this your template and have it with every auction you list. Buyers cannot claim “they did not know” something if it is clearly stated under the listing.

#7 Tip for Selling on Ebay

Download Ebay’s Turbo Lister Program

Turbo Lister is an Ebay program that permits you to list and upload your auctions whenever you want. Listing your items all at once makes keeping track of your sales easier. You can list when you have the time, and then all at once, upload every auction. They will end at the same time, and hopefully buyers will submit their payment promptly so you can make one or two trips to the post office.

#8 Tip for Selling on Ebay

Be Accurate in Your Descriptions

When you are ready to begin listing your household treasures, you must be as accurate as possible. Not following this Ebay selling tip can lead to problems after an item has been bought and shipped. An unhappy buyer can give you negative feedback, which harms your ability to sell. If you have a plate with a minor scratch, write about it. If a shirt has a tiny mark on the sleeve, describe it. If a game is missing a piece, tell which one it is.

People need to know exactly what they are getting. Less is not more.

#9 Tip for Selling on Ebay

Take Good Pictures

While many Ebay selling guides will tell you how to take a great pictures using items you need to purchase, this is not necessary. Lay a white or light colored sheet down for background. Use adequate light. Take more than one picture if an item warrants it.

#10 Tip for Selling on Ebay

Consider the Time of Day and Year When Uploading Your Auctions

There are many opinions on what is “the best time” to sell your stuff on Ebay to get the best prices. You will sell Halloween costumes for less in spring than in fall, when it closer to the holiday. Vintage board game will more than likely sell for a higher price around Christmas, when people are looking for unique gifts.

Few people will be bidding during the Super Bowl or the season finale of a popular show. Even if you don’t watch these programs, others do. When you start an auction, consider what will be happening the following week. This also includes holidays. You do not want to end an auction on the night of July 4th, when people will be out looking at fireworks displays!

Following these ten tips for selling on Ebay will get you on your way to starting your own online business or just raising some extra cash.