Think you are a veteran when it comes to traveling?  If yes, then these are ten qualities that you should now have:

Packs the Essentials Automatically10 Traits 1Credit:

You are a seasoned traveler if you already travel as light as possible without forgetting your necessities. You have been on trips far too many times that you already know when or when not to bring shampoo and how to stash your valuables securely.

Patient in Queuing

Another sign of being an experienced traveler is serenity while waiting in between destinations. This is especially true in airports.  If you have already traveled enough, you would have learned by now how to stay calm and collected while waiting for your turn.  In fact, you would have already discovered how to keep yourself or your company entertained during these waiting times.

Flexible During the Unexpected

Unpredictable circumstances may arise during trips.  Sometimes it rains so hard and an itinerary is cancelled, a flight may be delayed, perhaps, a train is missed.  If you have been to places countless times, you are already aware that though inevitable things may occur while traveling, there are many ways to adjust and still enjoy the trip.

Treasures Every Moment of the Trip

A traveler tested by time knows that no trip is the same. There is always something new to 10 Traits 2Credit: and experience in a place.  Such traveler would not back-off from a novel moment - whether it is trying out an exotic food or dancing to some local beats.

Talks about One’s Travels

Do you talk about your travels without coming off as a braggart (unless the person you are talking to is über sensitive and touchy)? Somebody who has thrown oneself into numerous cultures and places cannot help but exude delight in sharing such experiences to others.   On the other hand, if you are such a seasoned traveler, you would have also gained impeccable listening skills at the same time.

Well-Developed “Genuineness Radar”

Yes, this is something we all need that a veteran in traveling probably already has - the ability to detect whether a stranger is somebody to be trusted or not, and the amount of trust to give to a person one has just met.  This is a skill that one only learns through experience and if you have obtained this out of your experiences from your many travels, then you are certainly a seasoned traveler.

Throws Trash in its Proper Place

One of the things a traveler cherishes is soaking in a matchless cultural experience and natural beauty without the ugly distraction of scattered garbage.  If you have been to many places and feels this same sentiment, then you would certainly avoid littering and tossing rubbish outside a garbage can.

Brings Something from the Place

You would take home pictures most likely, but also a handy, quaint remembrance and proof that the traveler has been to a certain place.

 Stays Safe

This is related to the radar mentioned above.  Traveling imparts certain wisdom that allows us to know what to do and when to do it.  A seasoned traveler is capable of abandoned enjoyment in the trip without risking being nabbed, swindled or killed.

Knows the Concept of Home

An experienced traveler already knows the concept of home- that a home really exists and that10 Traits 3Credit: there is no place like it in the world.  Having seen the different charms of diverse people from various localities, a seasoned traveler knows that home is where one truly belongs and one can truly rest.  And where that home is; only the well-traveled person can answer.

These are only ten of the attributes of a well-traveled person.  Got all these ten?  Then you are indeed a master traveler- in the truest sense of the word.