While selling vintage board games on Ebay may not make wealthy enough to retire to a tropical island, there are ten that, if you can find them, sell on Ebay for a substantial profit.

The vintage board games that sell on Ebay for the most money are brand new and still in the original plastic wrap. Even if the ones on this list are not found sealed in plastic, the fact that they are hard to find makes them more valuable. As long as a game is complete, you will more than likely have an avid bidding audience.

This is by no means a complete list of top selling vintage games on Ebay. The list is somewhat fluid, and the final selling price depends on several uncontrollable variables like:

1. How many people are searching for and bidding for this game when you have it listed

2. If two bidders attempting to outbid each other, creating a bidding war and a better profit for you

3. How many others of that game are for sale at the same time yours is up for auction (your competition)

4. The time of year you are selling the vintage board game (you will probably get more money at Christmas time than at any other time because people are buying them for gifts)

Here is a list of ten vintage board games that have the potential to make you a tidy profit on Ebay if they sell.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #1

Mystery Date by Milton Bradley 1965 edition

“Open the door to your Mystery Date”

This game is for two to four players and was aimed at girls. The object of the game is to get ready for your mystery date by collecting three matching cards to create your outfit. There were four choices of dates on which you could go, and you would not know who it was until the game was over.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #2

Scrabble Deluxe with Rotating Table by Milton Bradley 1989 Edition with red tiles

What makes this Scrabble game unique from other editions is that the game board rotates, so every player can see the words at the correct angle when it is her turn. The wooden tiles are also red.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #3

Hero Quest by Milton Bradley 1989 edition

A fantasy game, Hero Quest is based on the popular role-playing games of the time. Other versions and extras have been added over time, but the original is worth the most, especially if it is sealed.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #4

Splat! The Bug Squishing Race Game By Milton Bradley 1989

The game of Splat is one for young children who are non-readers. The object of the game is to get to the end of the board without being stepped on. This games uses Play Doh and can really hold a child’s attention. This game was one of my twins’ favorite to play.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #5

Mousetrap Game by Ideal 1965 Edition

The object of Mousetrap was to build a mousetrap to catch the mouse. You put pieces together one at a time until the mousetrap was completed. Modern versions of the game are very cheaply made and do not work well, from my own experience.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #6

Stratego by Milton Bradley different editions

The game of Stratego has many different editions, and almost all sell well on Ebay. The object of the game is to capture the other army’s flag or prevent them from making any other moves. This game is for ages ten and up.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #7

Masterpiece Art Auction Game by Parker Brothers 1970 editiion

The object of Masterpiece is to bid on famous works of art. There is bluffing involved, because some of the works of art are forgeries.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #8

Risk Continental Game by Parker Brothers different editions

Risk is another military strategy board game that has value on Ebay. There are many different editions, and most are valuable.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #9

Pizza Party by Parker Brothers 1987

This is another excellent game for non-readers. The object of the game is to complete a pizza slice with toppings. This was a favorite game of all three of my children.

Vintage Board Game to Sell on Ebay #10

Payday by Parker Brothers 1974

The object of Payday is to be the person with the most money at the end of the game. The 1990’s version of the game has a few slightly different rules.

This is just a partial list of vintage board games that sell on Ebay. If you are looking to make some money, then learn my tips on how to find and sell these games on Ebay.