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Ten Ways Mass Media Deceives A Population

By Edited Dec 3, 2016 0 13

Television, Newspapers, and Radio "News"

All around the world people are deceived by the well dressed men and women posing as newscasters or journalists on televisions.  For years now we've been hearing that print media is a dying thing, but it is hardly dead, and I do not think it will ever truly die out.  Here at the Shaw residence, we still get the Dallas Morning News, and it is still the same crap rag of a newspaper that it always was, and all major newspapers across the nation always have been.

Whether you absorb your corporate lies and thought control through "news" on major radio stations owned by Rupert Murdoch[1], some lousy city newspaper, or from the worst source imaginable, the television, it doesn't matter; for it is all garbage.  Oh you may be one of those who thinks this is all some conspiracy theory.  Well, you are very wrong, and if you think lies and manipulations of minds via corporate media is something imagined and not real, well, this page is for you.

Global Power And Mass Media

The global power structure is really easy to figure out, but only if you're not someone so foolish as to believe what you read in a newspaper, hear on a radio, or see on a television.  Oh some folks are so foolish they believe the president of the USA is "the most powerful man in the world," but that is only what the people on radio, in newspaper, or on television told you.  The President of the USA is only ever a figurehead for bankers and corporations, and if he fails to do their bidding, or double crosses them, he winds up dead like the last decent president the USA had, John Fitzgerald Kennedy,

Whether or not banks control corporations, or corporations control banks; well, I'm not so sure about that.  There is no doubt that the same international banking families control nearly every central bank in every nation on planet Earth[2]. So far as corporations go, very few of them are simply a national corporation, the big corporations are all INTERNATIONAL corporations, and there's been studies that conclude that 17 supercorporations control the globe[3].  Either way you slice it, systems of global control are in place by the super rich persons that are high up in the hierarchy of those banks and corporations.

That mainstream media across the world is totally controlled to the detriment of everyone isn't something that is up for debate.  It's a simple fact.  You'll know a fool when you hear one say something about conspiracy theorist being mentally ill, while at the same time trusting what is reported in the mainstream media. In the USA, there are six corporations that control the largest majority of the crap reported as "news[4]."

How To Control A Nation

Never Trust Mass Media

Why is it you can't trust mainstream media?  If the scarcity of independent journalism doesn't alarm you, then look no further than advertising.  According to Wiki Answers, $ 1,000,200,655 is spent per year on television advertising[5]. Have you ever seen an ANTI-MONSANTO ad or piece on television?  I haven't.  Monsanto is only known as the world's most evil corporation. Year after year, and all across the globe, the people of the world name Monsanto as the world's most evil corporation[6], and I've never heard of a solitary bit of television discussing it.

Now why do you think the well dressed men and women on the "news" programs have never told any of us about this?  It is because many corporations that advertise their not exactly safe to eat "foods" on those stations use Monsanto ingredients in their "foods."  Were those well dressed and polite speaking "news" persons to discuss the actual news, the television station would LOSE money from advertising.

While it is the game of people who're selling things you do not need to advertise in mainstream mass media, it is the game of the government to prevent your from knowing what the real news is by forever having you think something that isn't news worthy is "news," and by also NOT mentioning the things the government doesn't want mentioned.  In this way they can force a majority opinion about some things by forever omitting those things from any discussion.

At the same time, while forcing a majority opinion about a thing by controlling discussions, mass media also seeks to keep a population divided so that it never works together towards its own interests.  The horrific two party paradigm in the USA is the most exact example of this; but if you look through a common Facebook news feed, you'll observe there more examples and lines of division within any nation's population than you'd likely be able to even name.

In my lifetime, as long as I've been paying attention to news and politics, I've never seen anything more disgusting in the USA than the recent case involving one Mr. Martin and one Mr. Zimmerman.  In recent years there have been SO MANY more disgusting cases in which there were FAR MORE obvious racial elements that listing them all would take ten thousand or more words here.  None of those cases were the slightest bit prominent in the mainstream media, and the reason was, there was no agenda they could use with them towards convincing the near illiterate masses that something they had needed to be taken from them.  When you look at the Autumn Pasquale murder[7], you have to really ask yourself why you've not heard of it, and why it is you have heard of a 17 year old thug who was killed by a man defending himself against him instead, and just how it is that a Hispanic with a Jewish father and a black great grandfather is a racist when he shoots a much larger aggressor in self defense.

You'll know a delusional person when they cry about a 17 year old who was killed when he was beating a man's head against concrete, but the same person cries none at all for 16 year old US citizen that one of Obama's peace prize drones killed[9] while he was doing...nothing, nothing at all.  This is modern America.  Modern America is filled with delusional people, and the mass media is the entity MOST responsible for the delusions of my brothers and sisters.

Agreeing With The Majority Is Often A Mere Failure of Critical Thought

A Base Mind

Ten Methods To Deceive A Population With Mass Media

1. Distract The Population From What Matters:  

This is the most common thing you'll see.  Instead of mentioning how global bee populations are dying off very quickly, and how the human race can't live without bees pollinating things[10]; the mass media talks instead about celebrity nonsense, and non stop.  The honey bee situation and how critical honey bees are to agriculture is only one of many many issues mass media moguls would have you believe are not something for you to know about, worry about, or do anything about.  The list is endless.

2. Create Problems, Offer Solutions To Problems Created:

False flags come to mind here, but people are often a bit too dim to accept their beloved governments would be involved with false flag attacks.  Typically, only later generations accept the truth concerning false flag attacks.  Certainly not all things someone like an Alex Jones claims was a false flag attack actually is; but there are always false flags the mass media covers for the government behind, and isn't mass media and government by corporation one and the same?  Hitler had used one of the most bogus false flags ever when he staged an attack by Poland on Germany, and his war hungry people jumped all over it.  Israel, not often known as a morally superior land to Nazi Germany, literally attacked a United States warship in the Mediterranean Sea once, and the goal for Israel was to blame the attack on Egypt.  Now why would they do that?  Oh, this is simple, they'd rather have US citizens die than their own people; and I do mean US citizens die doing their bidding for them.

While a false flag attack is an extreme example of a government creating a problem they already have investors lined up to profit from the solution offered for; they absolutely happen, and only a fool believes they do not.

False Flags, The Absolutely Happen

Operation Northwoods

Mass Media Controls Conversation By Presenting Limited Choices

3. The Gradual Strategy:

The strategy for changing the social consciousness is maybe the most effective of all.  What it is, is the old boiling frogs thing.  You know about the boiling of frogs, right?  I learned this from my mother, and before I was even a teen.  No, we didn't boil any frogs, my mother was teaching me about life with the allegorical bit of story.  If you wish to boil a frog, you place a frog in a cool pan of water, and turn the burner on low, gradually, the water gets hotter, and the frog doesn't perceive it, and does not jump out.  Eventually, you've got a boiled from.  Had you dropped a frog into very hot or boiling water, the frog would have jumped out.

Food stamps come to mind here.  Listen, there is no excuse in this world for someone not eating.  The thing is, people are better off when they are working and earning their incomes; and nobody denies that.  Another thing we can't deny is that some people simply can NOT work to provide their own living, and our social safety nets are FOR those people, and also for those who've fallen upon bad times.  Right here and right now, however, there are more people on food stamps than ever before[11], and if this becomes acceptable, then exactly where will the motivation to repair the economy come from?

4. Present A Thing As Painful But Necessary:

The founding fathers of the United States of America made absolutely certain there was a population that knew about its rights, and they went to great lengths to encourage the population to NEVER give up those rights.  The Bill of Rights guaranteed the liberty of the people, and to this day, regardless of what a globalist warpig like George W. Bush or Barry Benghazi Obama has to say about anything, no legislation passed by either can possibly be law in the United States of America when said legislation violates the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

The patriot act is illegal, and anyone enforcing it is a criminal.  Obama's "indefinite detention[12]" bill is illegal, and Obama is, in fact, besides being a warmonger who's murdered countless children, a criminal.  The state of American education, and American fear is just so bad that most the population has no clue that the President is invalid in all his activities that violate the documents and principles he's further disgraced himself by swearing to uphold, and then doing the opposite.

5. Treat The Public Like Children:

I latched onto this when I was still in high school.  I realized that most television was directed towards persons who weren't any smarter than I was, and probably less so.  Thing was, I expected to grow intellectually for a long time to come, and I have.  For this reason, I've only over the years grown more and more disgusted with mainstream media.  No, I'm hardly the smartest guy you'll ever talk to.  It's just that if you watch television, the people who run television programming think you are an idiot[13], and the proof of it all is, you keep watching television.  Look at the advertising, if you aren't insulted by how poor the advertisers think your mind actually is, your mind is just that poor.

Emotion Over Fact Is Always Failure Of Critical Thinking

Liberalism is emotion over fact
Credit: http://www.chattanoogaville.com/articles/article/-chattanoogaville-tv-show-presents-we-have-not-lost-a-generation-to-liberalism-written-by-black-conservative-lloyd-marcus-featured-by-the-chattanoogaville-conservative-tv-show-created-by-melanie-tipton

Mass Media Presents Emotional Arguments - Never Factual or Logical Arguments

6. Play The Viewers Emotions, Don't Use Facts:

Liberalism in the USA is something like a plague these days; and the reason this is, is because American education is so poor[14].  Modern liberalism ignores facts, reality, and logic; and merely substitutes those things for the liberal with "the way things ought to be."  Well, the way things ought to be is entirely dependent upon the individual's fantasy, and American liberalism is nothing short of a fantasy world.  While being angry about the way things are is useful when someone determines to find a solution to a problem, ignoring the reality of a situation for dreams of how things should be, well, that makes one delusional. 

You'll never find a better example of persons using emotions instead of facts than in the case of gun control in the USA.  It's a great tribute to the long established values that we do have here that failure Obama failed in his recent push to destroy our rights to self defense not just from armed criminals, but from criminal governments like his own.  You see the questions asked, "why does anyone NEED an AR-15?"  Well, why does anyone NEED more than ten pairs of socks?  It takes an enormous amount of personal insecurity to distrust one's self, or one's neighbors with a gun.  More guns equals LESS crime[15], and if guns didn't deter crime, then the police wouldn't carry guns.  Liberalism is a cesspool of emotions explored instead of brains engaged.

7. Keep The Public Satisfied With Mediocrity:

Mediocrity is what mass media is all about.  The goal of all major print media, radio media, and television media is to keep a public as mediocre as possible.  The mediocre public isn't smart enough to recognize their consumer slavery isn't to their advantage.  If actual thought were promoted in mass media, the people might realize the newest Iphone, or whatever the latest gadget is, were not something sold with planned obsolescence[16] as a strategy towards future sales.

It is amazing how liberated a body can feel once it realizes it doesn't need the latest clothing fashions, the latest electronic gadgets, it doesn't need to see the latest mediocre films, read the latest mediocre books, or join the other latest mediocre fad clubs our consumer hell society preaches to its consumer bots as "what one needs to do, purchase, and be to be happy." Consumer society is almost ENTIRELY about mediocrity.  These corporations that control us depend upon us depleting our time at work, and our efforts via income on their mediocre wares.  Shun mediocrity, my friends, and only purchase things that are of good quality, and are not things you only purchased out of some sick emotional debt you have that you think can only be gratified by keeping up with the neighbors.  Your life isn't your possessions, and the proof of that is, you will take NONE of them with you.

8. Encouraging complacency:

Have you ever seen a television news program where the well dressed, polite man or woman on the stage said something about soaring gas prices, soaring electricity prices, environmental degradation, and then during commercials you'd see an advertisement for the new Hummer H3?  If that isn't a contradiction in ideals, then I do not know what is.  If that isn't a subtle encouragement towards a complacent society, then such things don't exist.  You may not think this advertising thing reflects upon the news program.  If you are such a thinker, you are WRONG, advertising PAYS FOR the "news" program, and together they work to encourage complacent persons into non action, and the lack of critical thought.

A State Ran By Corporations Brainwashes Citizenry Via Mass Media

Credit: http://www.sickadelix.com/brainwashing.html

Mass Media Wishes For You To Feel Shame - Regardless Of Your Involvement

Subheading *optional*

9. The Self Blame Game:

You've heard of "white guilt?"  Well, let me tell you straight up, I don't have any.  I'm not responsible for anything anyone has done except for me.  YOU are not responsible for ANYTHING that another person did.  I don't care what your ancestors did, I don't care if you're related to monsters such as Stalin, Mao, or Hitler; you are ONLY responsible for YOUR actions.  Be liberated, my friend, you are responsible for you.  I'm a "white guy," and I promise you I'm not in any way, shape, form, or fashion responsible for what happened to anyone that died or was used before my birth, and I'm not going to feel guilty in any way, shape, form, or fashion for any of that.  I am responsible for ME, and you are responsible for YOU; and if you are a parent, well, I guess you can claim to be responsible, up to a point, for your children's behavior.

I'm responsible for my victories, and I can readily acknowledge the contributions of family and friends, or other contributors towards my victories.  I am responsible for my failures, and it is for me to accept my own failings and my own actions as the reasons why I've failed, and not to blame instead some racial group, or some political party, or some radical ideology be it far or near.  When a Hispanic man with a Jewish father, some white person heritage (see how silly that sounds?) and a great grandfather that was black shoots a young black man who was beating his head against concrete thousands of miles away, I know that had nothing to do with me.  I know that had nothing to do with white people, Hispanic people, black people, or Jewish people.  I know the mass media only exists to deceive me, and I will not be deceived.  I believe in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  There is nothing any television personality or political leader can do to change what is right, and what is wrong.  Right and wrong, objective morality, these things are not things that change due to fashion, or some political movement.  These things are the rock and stone the foundation of individual liberty, and truth are built upon.

10. Targeting An Individual:

This is regarding not television, not radio, not newspaper, but digital media.  It involves tracking cookies, and on something like Facebook, "likes."  This is when a large website like Facebook uses you against you, to keep you flooded with information about things they know you like, and this is to your detriment as it prevents your from learning about things you need to know.  Obviously, the investors in Facebook are all about the Facebook advertising algorithm[17] rather like how this all plays out.  The truth of this entire article is that the powers that be care more about profit than anyone learning the truth about anything.

So who is Noam Chomsky, and what the heck does he have to do with any of this?  Well, quite possibly, Noam Chomsky is the most important intellectual alive[18].  No, he's not a physicist like Einstein, and he's not anything like a Neil deGrass Tyson either, physics is hardly the only important science.  Chomsky is likely the equal of either Einstein or Tyson, or Kaku or anyone else.  My opinion is that he IS the most important intellectual alive, and the reason is, he's got something that can be offered and is accessible to EVERYONE who is sentient enough to do things on their own.  Chomsky is the absolute enemy of tyranny and oppression.  He is THE MAN.  If you enjoyed any of this, agreed with any of this, or were annoyed to high heaven by any of this, then you'd do well to study Dr. Chomsky.  He is readily available on Youtube, and you can purchase any of his books you wish.  Thanks very much for reading.



Jul 16, 2013 2:58pm
Todd, I could not agree with you more, however it seems that people like to be sold crap and thrive on it. Besides, the purpose of the media is to make money, they don't really care about the news. They are tailoring their news based on the audience. They don't give a rip if what they say is ethical, moral, or true, as long as people buy it.

So, I think that because you go so strongly against the media, you should be as vocal against the public at large, because they are buying the crap...

As far as globalization goes, you may have your opinions, however the process can't be stopped. The birth of the United States was a dress rehearsal for what was going to happen in the future. They started out with thirteen colonies on the contiguous North America. We ended up with Alaska, Hawaii, and the other possessions.

I am not saying that it is good, bad or indifferent. However the future has to be in some form of a one entity, which may be divided in somehow culturally independent ones.

I was born in Europe and I grew up in Europe until I was 28. Let me tell you that I got tired of the extra nationalism and stupidity related to it. A lot of redundancy duplication and hatred.

Are there different way to solve the current problems? Yes, they are. Are we willing to find them? Not we are not!. We like to point them out, dwell on them, get emotional, but so far no one came with a concrete way to solve the problem.

Noam Chomsky is a charming guy. He is very intelligent and is very capable of delivering his ideas. However except for stirring the waters, he does not really come up with viable solutions.

Today we got used to hating Marx for this thoughts. The irony is that he was a very good observer of his times, and he got exactly what was going wrong. Unfortunately, he should have stopped there, but he went into developing solutions which were not very well conceived.
Jul 16, 2013 3:32pm
CHEERS CRIN!!!!!!!!!

Oh holy smoke, that Obama person boils my very blood every time I see his smirking oratory face; and all I can think is, "this guy is nearly as good as Hitler"...okay, he's really nowhere as good as Hitler, but he is the best orator the USA has seen since J.F.K.....who was actually a decent man, I think, and unlike Obama in every way.

Crin I know globalization can't be stopped, but if the people are aware of the idiotic tricks the puppet masters in the media use, then the entire world will become better for it. Oh I may be dreaming about a smarter population, but I have to try.

You're right again about Chomsky the observer! He doesn't offer solutions! Just observations! Marx ...was rather like Chomsky, wasn't he? Except I guess Marx did have some solutions; but I don't agree to all of those. Of course I'm just Todd, the lonely Texan!
Jul 16, 2013 6:14pm
Todd, you may hate Obama is your privilege. At least he can speak in public and this is enough for me.

You were not born at that time, however JFK was more popular abroad than he was in the States. His popularity overseas was caused by this action against the Soviet Union. For us, over there fighting the Evil Empire was good enough.

I totally agree with your statement about the media, however as I said, they sell what the market wants...

I never agreed with Marx solutions, although I like his analysis.

Ha, ha, ha, boy, are you passionate? I would hate to cross you!?!?!
Jul 17, 2013 8:30am
Crin, I'm sure history will show us what a slime ball Obama is. We sure can't count on the media to even present a solitary one of his crimes or contradictions. Nobody can even count the number of times Obama said one thing, and then his actions went the exact opposite way.

The popular thing the Obama robots do is say, "oh but it wasn't his fault! It was the republicans!" Then, they usually call me a racist or something....because calling names and blaming others is always easier than thinking about something, or admitting something uncomfortable.

J.F.K.'s greatest thing was printing money without bothering with the Federal Reserve, and of course the Federal Reserve is an Anti-American institution ran by international bankers.
Jul 17, 2013 8:54am
I think that you are getting too deep for me, and I have to stop this exchange. I want to have fun, not argue differences here, past a certain point.

As far as History is concerned, you know I like History, I would not know what it will say about anyone, until things will be said.

One thing is sure, I would never want to be in that office, not even in a bad dream. One can't satisfy every crowd...
Jul 17, 2013 12:08pm
I don't blame you, Crin, I know I get too angry when Obama enters into conversation...same way I got angry when "W." Bush was in the conversation....strangely, some of my friends who agreed with me about Bush think Obama is different...I just can't tell any difference.
Jul 17, 2013 2:33pm
I will tell you a secret, but I will deny everything if you are going to make it public!!!

I was disappointed by Obama staging the show at the White House for the two Bushes... I was disappointed also by the fact that he accepted to speak with Bush in Africa also. I am disappointed that GTMO is still open, I was disappointed today to hear the Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase had record profit for the two quarters, while I lost my house a few years back.

I always thought that Nixon was a crook, however I never had doubts of his ability as a politician and a public speaker. I never understood why was he so obsessed with poverty and was ready to write off his political career.

I have been without medical insurance for over twenty years. If Obama makes it possible for me to have one, I don't really care too much about his failures, which are plenty, after all he is a human not a god to be perfect.
Jul 17, 2013 2:38pm
CHEERS CRIN! I hope you get what you need! I just hope states exercise their rights to reject the thing if they desire to. I do not believe the federal government should be able to force someone to buy something they may not want.

Me, I don't need healthcare right now...it's not like I could pay for it anyway, so if anything, I'd be getting it free...but I'd probably never use it, or if I'm fortunate, I wouldn't.

I definitely think everyone should have health care...I just don't think the Obama thing is any sort of answer...

Sadly, I think a major economic collapse is likely to come our way...but of course I also hope to be wrong about all of my extremely dark predictions.
Jul 17, 2013 3:14pm
Sorry Todd, I pressed the wrong button I did not mean to flag your post, all I wanted to do is to reply! I think that these people have a lot to do with the human engineering of this site... By the way I submitted an article three times, every time making the required corrections, but I am not positive that it will pass their idiotic clearance department.
I hate to say this, but they way they act reminds me of the good old days of Ceausescu's Romania when any article had to be read twice by the censors, who made sure that no hidden messages where placed in it. The West at that time was totally upset by the Communists who did not offer "freedom of expression".

About the topic of healthcare.

I grew up under a state run medical health system. Actually it was including everything from eyes to teeth, even the physical therapy, as much as it was practiced in the sixties and seventies when I can remember.

It was horrible, and I probably did not need it, except for a couple of times. Now I would need it, however I try not to use it because I can't afford. So who cares, I have the problem, I suffer and it is my problem.

The states may reject the offer, however I am sure that not too many will do it, because they lost. What is said is that during all these discussions, here in Michigan most of the Republicans want it, however they say that they are against it because.... the government is growing to big... So we cut the number of soldiers deployed, but we hired Blackwater or whatever is called today. We tell the American people that we cut troops, however we don't mention the fact that there will be probably "contractors" left over at a much higher cost than the troops. We don't need intelligence agencies, but we used "contractor" who probably charge more than what an employee will be paid, based on his professional background (Snowden is the proud owner of a GED, and made about a hundred and some thousand dollars a year) and I can keep going.

I am not trying to convince you that it is a matter of time, not if, you are going to need health care. You are going to find it out yourself. I will not be around to tell you "I told you so", there are thirty some years between you and I, but you are an honest guy and when it will happen, I am sure that you will give me credit.

You don't pay for the insurance when you need it, you pay for insurance to make sure that when you need it is there. It is just a simple commercial transaction that people are using it all the time. You know if the insurance companies thought they were going to lose, they would not be in this business...

This model is used in the civilized countries of the Western world. When I was on the payroll of a Romanian company, which was state owned, (don't assume that I think that Ceausescu's Romania was part of the Western World, nor that it was civilized) I paid an amount every paycheck for health care. I did not make a lot of money, nobody did over there, however the amount was not a killer on my small salary...

Ha, ha, ha things are going to improve, I noticed that Dick Cheney's daughter decided to run for Office in Washington... She was not even a resident of the state when she announced her decision...
Jul 16, 2013 4:15pm
love the way you write. I think in the states at least there really is no choice when it comes to politics. The people loose no matter who wins and while the media distracts us and keep us fighting each other those with power get to hold on to that power even more
Jul 17, 2013 8:27am
ferpuerto17- exactly right, we the people lose no matter which two party paradigm guy wins the election; and we'll continue right along losing so long as we're so uneducated we believe crap said in the corporate media.

I never cease being amazed at how many smart people buy into the stupid "team spirit" crap, either "team liberal," or "team conservative," and both teams are literally losing teams for all Americans...but I guess it is easier to pick a team than it is to think for half a second.
Jul 17, 2013 1:41am
Use an influencer to steer public opinion
Jul 17, 2013 8:31am
xathcruz, I use this internet thing all day lots of days trying to steep public opinion :)
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