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Ten Ways To Beat The Evil Systems Of Global Control

By Edited Jun 27, 2016 2 16

Protesters Take To The Streets!

All Around The World, People Are Protesting Their Corrupt Governments.
Credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/largest-protest-since-collapse-of-soviet-union-rocks-russia-6281549.html

Increasingly, Government Represents Government, Not The Governed

All over the world for the past couple of years, and seemingly increasing in occurrence, people are taking to the streets in huge numbers to protest their governments.  All around the world people seem to be waking up to the fact their governments do not represent them, and do not care about their interests, or their well being.  If you count on news media to tell you about these things, then you are so ever sadly in the dark, as the revolution is not going to be televised[1].

Some folks might think this all started with Occupy Wall Street.  I'm not one of those.  I believe this all started right here in the USA, and with the obvious lies about the 911 "terror attack."  From floors of trade towers that exploded seconds before planes hit, to three buildings falling with two planes, to owner Larry Silverstein and his entire family not showing up for work that ONE day, like magic!  The entire thing stinks, stinks to high heaven, and can't possibly be true in the way our completely corrupted by corporation government tells it.

Let us not even get into the digital manipulation of photographs to make "Mohammad Atta" look as much like a cartoon vampire as possible.  Let us not get into how Larry Silverstein used exact technical terms for demolition for a building that WAS NOT hit by a plane[2], and is yet claimed to have fallen for aircraft that did not hit it; and let us not get into the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard in my life...how the mass media claimed the driver's license of one of the alleged hijackers had been found in the wreckage of one of those buildings, buildings that supposedly fell down from the massive heat of the jet fuel....despite being designed to withstand a large airliner's crash.  Let's just not get into all of those things.  They're not important...unless, of course, you're someone who isnt' an idiot with the IQ low enough to believe things simply because some suit on tv told those things to you thousands and thousands more times.

All of this, this 911 thing, to distract the people from the fact the very day before it all went down, that 2.3 trillion dollars had been stolen from them[4].  Every time the government steals something, be it rights, or money from the people, something bogus or contrived is used to distract the people away from the issue with.  Sandy Hook anyone?  Crisis actors galore[3]?

All of the above, however, is just a small part of why people are becoming increasingly distrustful of government in the USA. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are violated across the nation daily by persons who've sworn to uphold it.  It's plain the words of someone in government rarely mean anything. Rioting and protesting are taking place across the globe at unprecedented levels, and with unprecedented numbers.  Cheers, you people of the Earth, you are catching on!  We are all evolving past this parasitic government by banker and corporation!

Protests Against Governments Around The World

Global Protests 2013

Representative Democracy Isn't Working

Representative government does not work when the elected person is under no circumstances required to actually bother to even attempt to do the things the elected person said he or she would do while seeking victory in election.  If the people have no recourse should the elected official have proven a liar time and time again, representative government has shown its worth.  Democracy is nothing more than a mob rule, and that only should the elected do what they said they'd do.  Even the mob doesn't rule when the elected aren't reliable in their ever repeated and ever forgotten promises.

Look no further than the disgrace named Obama.  Says he'll close Guantanamo bay, instead he has it renovated.  Says he'll strike all of Bush's un-Constitutional, and thus illegal "laws," instead he extends the patriot act, and uses NSA to spy on everyone, and the IRS to spy on all opposition. Says he won't sign the NDAA "indefinite detention" bill, then he signs it, and makes certain the "indefinite detention" part stays in.  Despite all the things Obama said he would do, and then followed with the exact opposite action, the biggest disgrace the failure named Obama perpetrated on not just the US citizen, but the world, was putting Mr. Michael R. Taylor as "food safety czar" over the FDA.  Mr. Taylor, of course, had not only worked directly for Monsanto, but also had went back and forth between King and Spalding, Monsanto's law firm, and the FDA, and many times too.  Clearly, Obama knowingly and purposefully compromised the health of the entire nation, and in truth, persons not even born as of yet here, and anywhere on the planet. 

 It goes on, and on, and on with Obama,  it just never stops.  It's more of a challenge, really, to find instances where he does do what he had previously stated he'd do.  Obama, of course, is just the USA's front man for government that doesn't serve the governed, but itself.  All instances of protests across the world involve governments that aren't serving the people.  This is to say government is serving ITSELF, and not the governed.  This happens when government serves BANKS, bankers, and international corporations rather than the governed.  It's systemic, as the same families of bankers run nearly every central bank in every nation of the world.

There is no more wretched hive of scum and villany than is found in Washington DC.  If you've bought into the notion that the enemy goes by "republican, " or "democrat," then this article will likely confuse you, for you are the problem; a person with the notion that the enemy is outside of you.  The enemy is WITHIN you.  If you are the sort of sleep walking through life individual that does happen to believe in a political party of opposition as "the enemy," then despite your lack of adequate awareness to ever be much of anything in this  political world, you're still a person who can improve not just your own life, but the lives of everyone by paying attention and implementing the ten steps I'll elaborate on here.

 Our representative government doesn't work because there is too much money involved in it all.  Whoever thought it was a great idea to allow corporations to literally fund a politician?  In this modern world, lots of corporations are international ones.  They're only interested in a single nation for what they can get out of that nation, and what they want is ever increasing profits.  Any reliance on mediums of mass media to report what is important in current events is utterly foolish.  Why is it you can't trust the media?  Commercials, advertising, and the profit motive, are three good reasons to never trust mass media.  You can't exactly report about how Monsanto's Roundup herbicide is being banned in civilized nations, not on US tv you can't.  Why?  The corporations that own the channel will lose advertising dollars from that sort of thing.  Protests in Turkey which resulted in military literally running over peaceful citizens with tanks wasn't reported in US news.  Why?  Oh just because US taxpayers paid for those tanks; and that sort of thing, the truth, the news, what matters - is bad for business in the eyes of our military industrial complex corporations and stockholders.

Democracy can't work if the voters are as uninformed as US voters are.  Democracy can't work when someone running for office can promise everything, and deliver none of it; and never even think anyone deserves some sort of explanation as to why the constituent's desires only ever matter before an election. Across the world, representative democracies are not representing the people who live in those places.  This very week, twice, we've witnessed two massive protests, both have been called the largest in the history of this world; one in Brazil, the other in Egypt.

The US's two party paradigm is a classic divide and conquer strategy.  There are two major powers in this world, they both meet to get instructions at Bilderberg meetings, none of those instructions involve any sort of benefit for you, me, your next door neighbor, or your great aunt Gertrude.  All of those instructions involve forever taking more from us, and having more control over us.  There are, however, ways in which you and I, your next door neighbor, and even your great aunt Gertrude can work towards giving ourselves, and all others who seek a simple and good life, the life we want.

Police Serve And Protect The Wealthy With Their Wealth

Riot Police

Ten Ways To BEAT The Global System Of Tyranny And Control

1. SHOP LOCAL:  Every single time you purchase some crap in a can, glass jar, or plastic package from some big corporation, you are damaging your own health with MSG laden junk.  You could be purchasing fresh, locally grown vegetables from local farmer's markets.  Keeping wealth in your community is important to your community for all the obvious reasons, and eating fresh vegetables without all the toxic FDA approved preservatives is the best thing you could do for you, your family, and your children.

2. Grow Your Own Garden: It isn't a joke.  What we are seeing is a push by corporations to control all food production across the globe[5].  Luckily for humanity, more and more of the world's nations are banning GMOs.  It isn't that GMOs have no potential to help humanity, it is that the intentions of those in corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, and others is for them to have total control over the world's food supplies.  They aren't creating GMOs for health, for sustainability, to feed more people, or anything remotely similar to any of that.  GMOs are created for profit only, and GMOs are a SURE path to global famine[6]

The problem with buying foods from corporations instead of local farmers, or growing it yourself, goes much much deeper than cancer and birth defect causing GMOs, or even cancer and infertility causing Roundup herbicide the GMOs are typically created to sell.  Every single penny you spend towards a product (which you do not need) created by the Nestle corporation, backs a tyrant of a CEO that believes that WATER is not something a human being has a right to[7]. This is but a taste of what international corporations seek to achieve.

3. Work Towards Sustainability In Food, Water, and Energy: By sustaining the livelihoods of your local farmers, and by contributing to your own nutritional needs with a garden; you are truly helping to create a better tomorrow.  Sustainability with water is a more pressing concern, and sustainability with energy is more pressing still.

Listen, I understand if you live in an apartment.  I've been there, I've done that. In the United Kingdom, and in other places, entire communities are moving towards growing community gardens[8]. If you have a house, whether you rent it, or own it, you can purchase a cistern, or several of them.  I'm not suggesting here you will sustain all your water needs with cisterns, but I am suggesting you can collect the water to water your garden with cisterns.  This is the move to sustainability.  It is taking baby steps, steps towards removing your support of representative democracy owned by corporations and banks.

Nowhere is the sustainability movement under attack by government owned by banks and corporations than in the sector of energy.  If we let governments owned by corporations continue on the path they are absolutely on now, we'll eventually have to pay someone for absorbing sunlight.  It is exactly that bad.  You can move towards using solar energy.  The technology is there, and in more technologically progressive, and less war loving nations such as Germany, solar energy is taking the place of fossil fuels[9], and the dilapidated technologies that use them.


For most health problems, there are problems in the diet, or a lack of exercise, or the consumption of some other chemical, whether intentional, or not, that causes such problems.

Psych meds are a game, my friend, and if you are taking them, you are being played.  I know this. I've been on more psych meds in the past than I can even recall the names of now.  NONE of them did anything for me...nothing, zilch, nada.  I got nothing out of it.  I was seriously depressed for all the disillusion, all the contradictions, all the lies we are all exposed to every single day.  I also suffered from the idiotic notion that having money created happiness. Once I realized I was a little fish swimming in an ocean of lies sponsored by governments and corporations, and that wealth and consumption of crappy consumer garbage wouldn't make me happy, I stopped taking those pills, and I INSTANTLY started to feel much better.  So long as sodium fluoride is in your drinking water, your brain is actually being damaged because of it. Sodium fluoride in drinking water causes your pineal gland to be coated with calcium deposits, sodium fluoride is also carcinogenic.  My life improved so much from taking melatonin, that I can hardly express it.  The pineal gland produces melatonin, but not when sodium fluoride in drinking water has coated the pineal gland with calcium deposits.

There are people I truly love who actually think it is a good idea to dope their children with big pharma psych meds.  I can't understand how anyone could think that way outside of having been exposed to too many television commercials over too many years, and having too many servants of the corporate state repeat the same lies too many times.  What does doping a child on psych meds tell a child?  It tells the child they need drugs, it tells the child they are sick, it tells the child they are not in control of their lives due to ...needing drugs for being sick.

Corporations and The State Want YOU Dependent Upon Pharmaceuticals

Psych Med Nation
Credit: http://www.salon.com/2010/04/28/interview_whitaker_anatomy_of_an_epidemic/

5. Don't Mutilate Or Over Vaccinate Your Children: Listen, I'm not into circumcision at all.  Yes, I was circumcised.  No, I don't like it, or at least I don't know that I approve of it.  I didn't get that choice.  No, I'm not Jewish.  Yes, I think Jews have the right to circumcise themselves, I absolutely support that.  Yes, I think it should be the individual's CHOICE whether or not to do that, not the parent's choice.  A parent doesn't own their child's body.

Concerning vaccines, and I recognize how touchy this issue is, there has been a change.  Once vaccines were life savers.  Vaccines undoubtedly saved many many lives. Today, the world faces a different situation.  Literally, corporations are destroying the world, and this only is happening because of the consumption of the people of the world.  Vaccines are now big business.  Corporations such as Merk don't care if their vaccines kill your teen daughter suddenly, what they care about is profit, and this is shown in their bribes to politicians[10]. When vaccines are sent to starving children in Africa instead of food[11], it becomes perfectly clear those poor children are being used as lab rats, and nothing more.

6. Self Educate, Supervise Your Children's Education, Promote Homeschooling!

In the past, a US citizen could say with reasonable certainty that the USA provided the world's finest public education.  Those days are long gone, and the total nose dive into the pits of the worst education the Western world has to offer didn't happen by accident.  It doesn't matter if you live in the USA, or not; state sponsored education is going to be loaded with state sponsored lies.  The state forever seeks to increase the powers of the state, and to spread misinformation about the value of the state, and towards only the benefit of the state.

In the USA, the public education system is a disgrace.  You've heard the stories, pop tart guns, and children "traumatized" by them. Arrests for t shirts worn, despite first and second amendment rights being violated, science experiments gone wrong resulting in a TWO felony charges (despite no injuries to speak of, and only a minor noise), and on, and on, and on it goes.  Half the graduates can't read on even a junior high level, and there are cops in schools that lose their jobs if they don't arrest someone's child for something.  Disgrace, after insult, after injury; and all of it to the DETRIMENT of children, little of it is education, and some of it is truly an ASSAULT on a child.

Thinking the US government cares about the safety of your foods doesn't prove true.  Thinking the US government cares about the education of your child doesn't prove true.  It seems apparent that the Obama administration, which is really nothing more or less than a global banking and international corporation sponsorship group, is against homeschooling[12].  It doesn't benefit international banks or international corporations when your child learns to question the things those entities want shoved into someone's mind.

7. Make Family Top Priority! 

When government doesn't represent the interests of the governed, more government only increases the socially caustic effects of government.  Government ONLY ever seeks to grow.  People with government jobs are people who do not work towards performance.  The market economy has no effect on government employees, and the reason is they aren't affected by the success or failure of a product.  Legislators in representative democracies like the USA, however, are elected on campaign donations, and can even legally partake in insider trading[13]; this is obviously a conflict of interest to the governed.

When law is applied selectively, there is no moral value in a law.  When there are so many laws that no one can avoid being a "criminal," then laws are only enforced towards political ends.  This is the situation in the USA today.

Government is growing like a cancer.  It is literally becoming more and more toxic to every community in the USA.  Ask a member of congress how many federal administrations there are, and very likely, none of them can even tell you.  Government in the USA is seeking to supplant the family as the primary social structure for every citizen.  How often are fathers or mothers taken away from the family unit due to "crimes" where there are no victims?  Smoking pot comes to mind here, and we're on our 3rd straight POTUS who's been a drug user, but each of those three presidents increased the "war on drugs, " which is only a war against the liberties, rights, and lives of US citizens.

 Let me talk for a minute about Mexican Americans.  I graduated high school here in North East Texas in 1992.  There were, of course, lots of children of second or third generation Mexican immigrants in school with me.  I knew them well, and know them well still.  After I got out of high school, and due to Bill Clinton legislation, the Mexican American population across the nation exploded, and it really boomed here in Texas.  The terrific success of Mexican Americans in the USA is absolutely, and without a doubt due to one thing in particular.  You will never ever find a people with stronger families than Mexican Americans!

If I've got a second family, it is a local family of 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican American immigrants. They literally adopted me, and I've seen so many Mexican American families like the one I'm referring to that I could never list them all.  It is, in truth, a cultural thing.  These families get together, all the aunts and uncles, all the children, all the grand children, all the cousins, all the second cousins, the third cousins are all welcome too, and so are the friends of any of them.  These families have such a tight structure, they work together so closely, and have such love for one another, there is nothing on Earth than could stop them...nothing except the same degradation of values suffered by US blacks and US whites.

Tell Lie Vision
Credit: http://kootation.com/life-is-awesome-quote-philosophy-motivation-reflection.html

8. Turn OFF The Television!

There is no better place to absorb everything that is false about life, every government lie, every corporate scam, and everything one should never wish to be, than on any television anywhere in the United States Of America.  Why is it you can NEVER trust television news media?  If you have to ask that question, you are rather slow, but suffice it to say that reporting the truth about a corporation like Monsanto, or how the educated persons on the planet are rejecting everything about and from that corporation will erase most of the advertising revenues that a television station insists on getting.

It's just this simple, reporting the truth isn't profitable.  If you believe things on television are said towards your betterment, you're living a lie from the tell lie vision.  Programming of human minds from the television isn't some strange conspiracy theory, they don't call it "television programming" for nothing.

9. Return To Nature! 

A lot of this modern technology is truly great.  I certainly enjoy my computer, no doubt about it.  Here's the thing, the explosion of human knowledge and human technology over the past hundred or so years has changed the lifestyle of human beings in a drastic way.  The human physiological form evolved over a vast expanse of time, and it can't just up and get used to being indoors on a damned computer or cell phone all the time in what is, proportionally speaking, a blink of the eye.

If you aren't spending some time outdoors, you are going to suffer mentally and physically from it.  Oh I know some of us live in places where we have months of inclement weather, but one has to make the effort.  You have to take care of YOU so that you can help to take care of your family, and the other persons you love.  If you do not like gardening, and just won't do it, or can not do it, then go fishing, go bird watching, go bicycling, go hiking.  Just go!  Get outdoors!

10. Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self!

This isn't a Christian ploy.  I'm not an evangelist.  If you look at the world today, and especially the garbage you'll see on something like Facebook, you will plainly see that there is a very tight, and very cohesive bit of political nonsense that never ends, we call it "the two party paradigm."

The art of divide and conquer politics is most effective when an entity can profit and gain control of large swaths of people and their resources by causing them to believe other groups of persons aren't truly human.  When Jesus suggests we love one another as we love ourselves, he is simply telling us what we can and should do, but only if we wish to live the best possible lives we can.

Thank you for reading.



Jul 5, 2013 3:22pm
Just a few remarks here: the twin towers were not designed to resist plane strikes and the collapse was not bogus/a demolition (the fire generated temperatures which made the steel lose half it's strength. I didn't know about the CEO of Nestle's stance on water though.
Jul 5, 2013 3:39pm
Lots of links with good info and references out there that suggest that they were!

Jul 5, 2013 3:32pm
Also, if 2.3 trillion dollars (which is 3% of global GDP) had been stolen, I think someone would have noticed
Jul 5, 2013 3:36pm
MrRooibos, CHEERS for the comment!

Please review THIS video.

Jul 5, 2013 4:05pm
I have to say, this is certainly a passionately written article. I agree with several things that you address. Especially that people need to tell the truth and that we would do well to grow our own gardens and avoid medications. Interesting read.
Jul 5, 2013 4:24pm
CHEERS JLife!!!!!!!!!

I will never EVER in my life expect ANYONE to agree with ALL the things I say!!!

Your comment means a lot to me!
Jul 6, 2013 11:05am
Watched the video, and the 2.3 trillion can't be tracked or accounted for, but wasn't stolen
Jul 6, 2013 5:34pm
If something isn't accounted for, then it basically means that nobody knows where the thing is, or what the things is doing, or has been doing.

If something isn't accounted for, we can safely then assume that it is stolen. No not all one big lump sum...but I believe it was said to just be missing. Nobody knows what became of it, and it nobody can say where that kind of money was spent, then it seems pretty plain it was spent illegally. Probably towards the purchase of things not good for publicity....

911...was under the Bush admin. Bush has been out of office a good long while now...he's not ...anything but a former POTUS at this point. He has no ...real role anymore.

It would be ridiculous to rant and rave about Bush...when Obama has given us so much to stand up as if shocked at...the Indefinite detention thing...that isn't something to be just sloughed off as unimportant.

Bush...of course, the patriot act, the wars, the torture....but nobody was ever fooled by Bush. Obama can hypnotize huge groups of persons...he's a terrific public speaker...so Obama is much more dangerous.
Jul 6, 2013 11:08am
Also, do you believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by the Bush administration? It seems odd that you attack Obama so much but don't mention Bush's far greater failures
Jul 6, 2013 11:53pm
Who all was involved in what I do think was an orchestration of a terror attack on "911," is far beyond me to say.

Do I think some in the Bush administration knew about it before hand? Yes, I do think that.

Do I think the Bush administration was the...entity in charge of that day's events? No.

I view democrats and republicans as not having a dime's worth of difference. They all wind up with corporate sponsorship, and ; and are in on the "legal" insider trading for members of congress. So forth, so on.

When something happens in any event or action that could be called "political," then the only real questions are these two: 1. who profits or gains power from the event? 2. Who loses?

Quite obviously, the BIG WINNERS in the days after 911 were anyone and everyone who is involved or has financial interests in military industrial complex corporations, any and everyone involved with or having financial interests in prison industrial complex corporations; then, the entire nation of Israel benefited from it all, though I couldn't, of course, say they (Israel's government) were absolutely involved...

International bankers also WON BIG. Before 911, Iraq and The Sudan both still had their own independent central banks, as did Libya, which Obama specifically orchestrated the absolutely bogus "human rights intervention."

Though the Bush admin sold people on the terrible and pointless war in Iraq, Obama escalated military activities in Afghanistan; and only Obama's admin can be linked to the military aggression in Libya.

Nobody in Washington DC actually believes what we did in Libya had anything to do with violence inside that nation...educated or interested persons know the real reason we were there, and the reason had everything to do with the late Muammar Gaddafi's plan to dump the US dollar as a business currency, and to replace it with a gold backed trans-African dinar.

Had Gaddafi lived to carry that one through, then it would have benefited EVERYONE in Libya, unless, of course, one happens to be in with the in crowd of ...international bankers who print off currency whenever they wish.

So Bush destroyed Iraq's independent central bank, and Obama destroyed Libya and the Sudan's independent central banks.

When a nation doesn't control the volume of its own currency it really doesn't matter too very much who gets to be the person who pretends he or she is in charge.

So now the nations left with their own non international banking cartel central banks are North Korea, Cuba, and Iran.
Jul 6, 2013 6:01pm
Interesting information here, a well put together article
Jul 7, 2013 12:07am
Thanks very very much, Michelle! I think I ...probably a too big and not so seamlessly flowing first few thousand words as an intro t o the rest of it...it just drives me crazy when I see people forever saying ""democrats =GOOD," and "republicans=BAD"

....or, vice versa

That silly party loyalty stuff lots of the people of this country stick too no matter what....prevents people from recognizing that both parties are involved in some seriously detrimental things to our lives :/

When W. Bush was president...people always called me a "liberal." Now that Obama is president...people now say I'm some sort of "right wing extremist."

I get kinda mad when someone thinks or says one of those kinds of things...I'd rather be called something obviously insulting....I wouldn't be a part of either one of those political parties for anything :/
Sep 14, 2013 4:40pm
I agree with the points made. Commercialization has destroyed the family unit. It is ironic how parents spend less time with children in order to make money to support children.
Sep 15, 2013 10:02am
It's really fortunate whenever a father can make enough to where the mother can stay home with the children. Of course feminist groups don't care about children, they think a woman without a career of her own is some sort of slave or something; but of course American feminism was only ever about destroying a family.
Oct 20, 2013 4:24pm
Good write-up. I agree with most of it. I especially was interested in your comments about the public school system getting worse in the U. S. My kids are almost through school. I did home school them one year and then they have done online school.
I am disappointed in Utah's school system. My daughter was one grade behind because she has fibromyalgia. Utah's school system would not pay for her to go one more year to graduate. The online school's guidance counselor said the state would not fund her anymore. We are struggling to get her into adult ed in the county we live. They do not want to put any money toward her education either. She only has 12 credits left to do!
And don't get me started on bullies and teachers' "pets".
Yes, America's public schools are not helping kids succeed.
Oct 20, 2013 5:14pm
That is MIND BLOWING! I can't imagine how they do that. I don't think of Texas public schools as being so wonderful, but I've never heard of something like your deal here.

Schools just seem to institutionalize kids, not educate them. Oh there are some great teachers here and there, but mostly they're just people who want to ride that gravy train, and their unions make it almost impossible to fire them. The entire tone of most public schools seems to be to force everyone to consider themselves all the exact same, rather than encourage people to go for what they're truly skilled at. I've been in schools where it seemed like the "teachers" regarded themselves as baby sitters.
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