It seems like there's no way to feel good anymore. You can be happy with your next breath! All it takes is a choice. What will you choose?

1.  Decide that you don’t like the way you feel.

There is immediate power in admitting that you don’t feel happy. When you acknowledge a problem then you are one step closer to solving it. If you feel angry acknowledge it and recognize the feeling is coming from you and that you have the power to feel rotten and you have the power to feel exuberant.

2.  Try to look at problems another way.

A problem is the mental speed bump to having good feelings. If you take a moment to ask how your current problem is the catalyst to a better life then a solution is well on its way to you. Choosing to be curious about problems will quickly remove pesky bumps in the road and send you barreling toward happiness.

 3.  Ask yourself if you want to feel happy.

It may seem self-evident that happiness is how you want to feel. If you listen internally to the answer of this question then you may realize that you really want to feel homesick, frustrated, or sick. Allow yourself to feel these feelings, acknowledge them and allow yourself to rise back to happiness.

4. Take a breath.

Taking a breath is one of the most healing things we can do for our body. Breathing also allows a space of time to consider how to respond to a situation in a way that will be as positive as possible.

5.  Make a funny face.

Humor is an excellent way to add a dash of happy to your day. Reading a funny story, listening to a comedian, or making a funny face to your co-worker can lift your spirit and as an added bonus can lift the spirits of those around you.

6.  Take a break.

It can be easy to skip breaks whether you work at home or at a company. Taking a break gives you the chance to reenergize and refresh your perspective. Use your break to do something that makes you happy, go for a short walk, listen to inspiring music, or read inspiring articles.

7.  Give someone a compliment.

When you give a genuine compliment you are seeing the world through happier eyes. It’s a good practice to receive compliments with grace as well. Too often we brush away compliments because of false modesty or feeling unworthy. Grow your capacity to see the good in others and the good in yourself. This will easily increase your daily happy quota.

8.  Make a decision.

Often happiness can slip from our grasp when teetering between two choices. The easiest way out of this maze is to choose what you want. When you make a decision ideas and people seem to materialize out of thin air to assist you. Since you can’t choose both, choose the one which will make you feel happy.

9.  Take yourself out of the equation.

It’s difficult to have an argument when the person who wants to fight with you isn’t there. If you are in a situation of conflict and you can leave, leave! That doesn’t mean you leave forever, but when tempers cool it’s much easier to come to a consensus that pleases both parties.

10.  List ten things for which you are grateful.

When you train your mind to focus on happy thoughts it’s easier to enjoy a continuous state of happiness. Mentally or physically writing down what you are grateful for is a simple and quick way to grow the feeling of happiness, especially if you let people know you are grateful for them.

 When you realize that it's simply a decision to be happy you can start a list of your own!

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