Imagine that you are having a peaceful, relaxing Sunday afternoon.  Suddenly your mobile phone rings, shattering the silence.  The person calling is a potential client offering you work on an important new project.  You are excited and want to start work on it right away.

This is not an unusual scenario these days when technology invades almost every aspect of our lives. It is difficult to avoid it. Mobile phones ring constantly on the streets and in trains and buses. Many people spend over four hours a day on their computers.  Families eat dinner in front of their televisions.  Most people are woken up by the shrill shriek of their alarm clocks.  There are many ways in which we can enjoy ourselves without technology, however.  Here are ten easy ways to do this.

Read a Book

Most people find reading a book very relaxing. Sit on a comfortable sofa and read a paperback or a hardback book for as long as you can spare.  You could read your favourite novel or a biography.  An airport bestseller or a chick-lit novel is light reading.  A political biography or a non-fiction book about a worrying subject, such as slums in India, are probably too heavy and won’t help you relax.

Hold a Dinner Party

Invite some friends around for a dinner party.  According to social commentators, too many people are using email and Facebook to communicate with each other, instead of enjoying each other’s company.  It is also very easy to lose touch with one’s friends because life is so busy these days.  Having people to dinner is one way to catch up on their news and discuss interesting subjects.

If you are worried about your cooking, you can have a less formal evening and buy take-away food, such as a pizza.  Alternatively, food that is very easy to cook, such as steak, might be the answer to this problem.

Have Coffee with a Friend

Meeting a friend for coffee is another idea for a social occasion. Facebook and email shouldn’t take the place of face-to-face chats.  Your friend may be pleasantly surprised to receive the invitation, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Play a Sport

Playing a sport is a great way to enjoy exercising.  If you had a favourite sport at school, why not take it up again?  Alternatively, you may find that learning a sport is interesting and fun.

Joining a sports club, such as a tennis or golf club, is a way to meet new people.  Most of these clubs hold social events, such as dinners and fundraising functions, as well.  This might be an easy way in which to improve your social life. 

Go for a Walk

Walking is good exercise and many people also find it relaxing. Walk in the park or go for a walk on the beach if you live near a beach.  Many doctors suggest that thirty minutes of walking a day helps keep people healthy.

Have a Picnic

Picnics used to be very popular and they are coming back into fashion.  They are perfect for a romantic day out or a family outing on a sunny day if the weather is warm enough. Pack your favourite cold foods and some wine or champagne if it is a romantic occasion in a large hamper and go to your favourite outdoor spot.  Don’t forget to take a large hat and sun protection cream!

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a proven stress-reliever according to psychologists.  Many people make daily journal entries in which they detail their concerns and write about events.

Some people like to add their own drawings to the journal.  Another idea is to decorate it with pictures that you like from magazines.

Join a Group

Joining a social group is often a good way to make friends.  There are lots of specialized groups to choose from.  Book clubs and bushwalking groups are examples. 

There are also plenty of social groups for different age groups, such as retirees or young singles.

Visit a Gallery or Museum

Another relaxing way to enjoy a day without technology is to visit an art gallery or a museum. This is educational as well, so you could make it a family outing.

Go to a Concert or a Play

Check out the local events and see if there is anything that you’d like to see.  Perhaps you could support your local theatre group or see a show that is on tour.  There are often discounts for groups so you could make up a group.  There are often discounts for combining dinner with the show as well.

Join a Class

There are also plenty of classes to choose from in many towns and cities.  You might like to learn a language, for example.  Your local university might hold extra courses in subjects, such as history, and music. 

There are many more ways to enjoy life without using technology. These ten ideas will give you a head start.


Relaxing at the ParkCredit: Moira GallagaCredit: Moira Gallaga