Neighbor's House Being a great neighbor isn't just a matter of keeping your yard groomed and your dogs quiet.When a neighbor is sick or injured, sometimes it is difficult to know what you can do to help.People are often reluctant to ask for assistance, and you may be hesitant to infringe on their privacy with an offer to lend a hand.These suggestions are ideas anyone can use to help a neighbor in need.

Make Sure They Have Your Phone Number
In case of emergency, it is always helpful for neighbors to exchange phone numbers.This is that much more important when a neighbor is sick or injured.The best way to offer your contact information is to leave a note for them, or mail the information to their home. In this way, your neighbor will know you are willing and available to help if they need assistance.

Handle Their Yard Work
When your neighbor is unable to get out and perform yard work, doing it for them is a great way to help out, without even needing to ask!In the spring, weed and water their garden to keep their yard looking great.When mowing your own lawn, go over and mow theirs as well.In the fall, take the time to rake their leaves.When snow falls, shovel their driveway and walkway and put down some salt to keep them from slipping if they leave the house.You can also keep the snow brushed off their car if you feel comfortable doing so.

Bring Over Dinner
Cooking can be a difficult task for your neighbor when they are under the weather.Consider making a double batch of whatever you are having for dinner and bring it over to them.Hopefully you will know if they have dietary restrictions, such as for diabetics.Regardless, make sure the food is covered and easily placed in the refrigerator to be eaten later.You may also include paper plates and plastic utensils so they don't have to wash dishes.

Bring in the Newspaper
When you see newspapers at the base of the driveway or in your neighbor's yard, bring them up to the house, and if you want to, ring the bell and hand deliver them.Not only will this help them avoid having to retrieve them themselves, it will prevent criminals from thinking no one is home and targeting your neighbor.You can also pick up their mail if the mailbox is at the end of the drive.

Take Out the Trash
Ask your neighbor if they need their garbage taken out to the trashcan.On pick up day, take the can down to the curb and retrieve it once the garbage truck has come by.Lugging a trash can down the driveway can be difficult for a sick or injured person, and you will be saving them the struggle.

Walk the Dog
Caring for pets is hard when you're not feeling well.Offering to walk a dog or clean a litter box is a great way to help out a neighbor in need.If their pets are outside, you can do poop patrol and keep their backyard mess from getting out of hand.

Do the Grocery Shopping
Just because someone is sick or injured doesn't mean they don't need to get shopping done.Offering to shop for food or toiletries for them will be a huge help.If they are reluctant to have you go out of your way, assure them that you were heading to the store anyway, and you can kill two birds with one stone by shopping for both you and your neighbor.Get a list, pay for the groceries and have them reimburse you with a check when you drop of their purchases.

Bring by Some Books or Magazines
When a neighbor is laid up in bed, they may appreciate having some reading material to keep them occupied.Stay away from racy or violent content to avoid offending your neighbor.Also, ask them if they have books they would like from the library, or if they need books returned.You can do this with movie rentals as well.

Wash the Laundry
This may be too personal for neighbors you don't know well, but especially when laundry must be taken to a Laundromat or dry cleaner, they may well need your help.To keep from infringing on their privacy, ask them before folding their laundry.If your neighbor does wish for help with washing clothes, either clean them in your washing machine if you have one or offer to bring the load to the Laundromat.They can give you quarters or write you a check for the expense if necessary.

Visit or Check In
If you are friendly with your sick or injured neighbor, they may appreciate having someone to talk to while they recover.Spending an hour chatting with them can lift their spirits and bring you closer as friends.If you don't know your neighbor well, consider checking in with them periodically to see if there is anything they need.Also, if friends or family come by, go out and ask them when would be a good time to check in on your neighbor to avoid bothering them when they are sleeping. These ten suggestions are great ways to help your sick or injured neighbor.No matter how you decide to aid them, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.Remember, it never hurts to ask your neighbor how you can help them in their time of need.If they are reluctant to request or accept your help, just knowing you cared enough to offer can be enough.