The holidays are upon us and with them come the delightful sounds Christmas carols, smells of hot apple cider and pine from the tree, delicious treats, and the warm smiles of family and friends.  Children laugh with excitement waiting for Santa to arrive and bring with him the toys from their Christmas list.   

All of the parties and Christmas activities are something the family looks forward to all year-long.  The problems come when your bank account doesn’t have the funds to buy all the gifts, pay for dinners out, or afford those magical holiday traditions.  If you are one of the many families that get excited about the holidays but worried about how you will pay for it, follow these tips to make money for Christmas.

  1. Hang lights.  Putting up the annual Christmas lights can take time and many people have started outsourcing it.  Hand out flyers in nearby neighborhoods offering to do this service. It is something that older kids can help with and a quick way to make some holiday cash.
  2. Babysit.  Even grownups can earn money babysitting.  This time of year couples have work and other holiday parties to attend that are not kid friendly.  Offer to babysit for an hourly rate.  Parents are happy to pay to get out of the house and enjoy the party without worrying about Bobby’s bedtime.
  3. Blogging.  You can make money by starting your own blog. Many people have even quit their regular jobs by blogging every day.
  4. Retail Job.  Visit your local mall and find out which retailers are hiring.  Most retailers will hire holiday staff and offer evening or weekend hours.  Picking up a Saturday shift every weekend can give you the holiday cash you need.
  5. Become a Holiday Helper.  Many busy professionals, or even moms, will hire holiday helpers to decorate the house, shop for gifts, wrap presents, grocery shop, cook etc.  SnagAJob and other job sites will often have listings for holiday only positions.

If you still need extra help with holiday finances shop at a local store that offers a lay away program.  Stores like Wal-Mart offer lay away so you can pick out the items you want to buy, make a deposit, and pay in increments.  If it takes you until the week before Christmas to pay it off, you can rest assured knowing that the gifts are securely put aside.  This becomes more important when buying popular children’s toys.  Also check out Black Friday sales as items for the entire family are deeply discounted at most major retailers.

November is the perfect time to start your holiday job search. Whether it is scheduling a list of couples to babysit for, booking light hanging gigs, starting a blog, or finding a retail position – making holiday money can be quick and easy. The key is to start today so that after Thanksgiving you have enough time to earn the money you need to purchase the latest toys and drive to Grandmas for Christmas dinner.


Make money to buy Christmas gifts.

Children look forward to opening Christmas gifts.
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