My Fifteen top songs to listen to after a break up.


James BlunAdele(113998)

Break ups can be tough and everyone knows it! It is a tough time when we need our friends and relatives close to comfort us. We cry, we rave, we rant, we gourge on ice cream, we splurge on cheesecake. It is the season of tears and red noses, where all we can do is lock ourselves in our room, think of the loved one who dumped us or the loved one we just dumped and just...cry! sniff sniff.

If you all are anything like I am after a break up, I like to dedicate 'break up' time to myself where I feel all 'poor me one' and pitiful and listen to songs that make me reflect on the break up. Sometimes when we are going through a personal ordeal, tears are refreshing. Psychologists say it is good to cry. Tears relieve the stress we are feeling and clear the mind. It is truly like chicken soup to the soul!

You will find after you cry, you strangely feel much better to carry on another day. So ladies and guys, if you have just been dumped or if you have dumped someone, grab your tub of Ben and Jerry's and your cheesecake (only one slice...please!!!) and put on your dvds, ipods or cds and listen to my top fifteen songs after a break up....

Cheers to our relationships though:

I do hope that all our relationships last long and that the occasion never will arise when we would need to listen to these songs, but if ever you find yourself needing a little sob song to cry to or a song to make you feel stronger, these personal favourites of mine will do the trick. Good luck in your relationships!

1) Adele: Someone Like You.

2)Taylor Swift: Back to December.

3)James Blunt: Goodbye my lover.

4)A Fine Frenzy: Almost Lover.

5)Maroon 5: Payphone

6)Adele: Rolling in the Deep.

7)Anna Nalick: Breathe (2 am )

8)Brick and Lace: Love is Wicked

9)Christina Perri: Jars of Heart

10)Demi Lovato: Sky Scraper

11) Erphaan Alves: In Your Eyes.

12)Javier Colon: Stitch by stitch.

13)Jazmine Sullivan: You Get on My Nerves.

14)Jon Secada : Another Day without You.

15)Maroon 5: Just a Feeling.


Hope you enjoyed! Cheers to Everlasting love! :)