Income property can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Many people will find that renting out homes can be more trouble than it is worth, but there is quite a bit of money to be made at it. The trick is to get the right tenant and one good way to ensure this is by doing a tenant screening before renting to anyone.

A home of any kind is a very large investment and should be protected at all times. Tenant screening helps the landlord to find good, reliable tenants from the large number of applicants. The homeowner will want someone who not only pays the rent on time but also respects the fact that he or she is only living there temporarily and shows the property the proper respect.

Tenant screening can reveal whether or not tenants treated their last rental with respect as well as how timely their rent payments were made. It can also provide valuable information on what type of individuals they were in respect to how their neighbors and the previous landlord felt about them. The last thing a homeowner wants is to rent to someone who causes issues with the neighbors in an area where they lived before.

For the most part, the average homeowner does not have a lot of experience renting out a home. There are services available to aid the homeowner with sorting through the applicants and completing the screening process. Many of these services are listed online and their websites can be found with a brief search.

Tenant screening services are well trained in what to look for in the background of a potential renter. They gather all the necessary information and hand it over to the homeowner in a report form that is easy to read. Using such a service can help inexperienced landlords decide who their next tenant will be when renting out their secondary home or income property.