Tendonitis also known as a sport or stress injury causes inflammation of the tendons from overuse of the body's soft tissue. Soreness, pain, and sometimes burning will occur with these injuries. Inflammation occurs where the muscle joins to the bone at the tendon, when overused can occur at any part of the body, but mostly seen in the shoulder and knee from sport related activities.


The common cause is the repetitive use of the same muscles for a long period of time, sport related injuries are the most common as muscles are stressed repeatedly being used . Stressed muscles are also seen in aging as the muscles have been used over and over throughout the years. Improper shoes have been known to cause tendinitis, not allowing proper weight on parts of the joints.


The are several types of tendinitis in children ,Rotator cuff tendinitis pain in the shoulder normally caused by the stretching of the arm muscles from throwing in a sport is one of the most common along with achilled tendinitis, stretching of the mucles from the calf of the leg to the heel caused from straining the muscles in the back of the leg from jumping or stretching.


Symptoms of tendinitis can be mild or severe depending on how bad the tendon has been stressed and for what period of time. Soreness first occurs along with joint pain, swelling and sometimes burning, feeling of sharp pain from one part of the body to the other .

Test and Diagnosis

The most common way to know if you have tendinitis is to be seen by a physician where you will then be evaluated by a physical therapist., x-rays are known not to shows tendons so MRI;s are commonly ordred to check the inflammation around the tendon, help in evaluating what treatment may be needed and to rule out arthritis.


Treatment of tendinitis, normally will be done by physical therapy helping to ease the pain from the stressed tendons by massaging, adding heat or cold packets and sometimes ultrasounds where the treatment will go straight to the stressed area.

Surgery is rarely recommended unless absolutely necessary to repair the tendon.