If you are serious about improving your game of tennis, you will have invested a good deal of money in buying a quality racket, you will have bought yourself a very good pair of tennis shoes that enable you to move around the court with ease and efficiency and you have got the right uniform to wear on the court, maybe from your favorite sportswear designer or sports star.

To improve your game even more you need to think about the type of tennis balls you are using. Just as there is a lot of choice in the type of racket you buy and all the other essential tennis practice equipment that you have, there is also a range of tennis balls that you can choose to use. Here are just a few that you opt for.

  • Pressurized tennis balls
  • Pressureless tennis balls
  • Indoor Tennis balls
  • Tennis balls for children

Pressurized Tennis Balls

Pressurized tennis balls are hollow balls that are filled with air. These balls are sold in canisters and as soon as you open it the balls will slowly start to lose their bounce as they start to decompress. The great advantage of these types of tennis balls is that they have a higher bounce rate so will fly through the air more smoothly and also rebound much higher. These balls are very good for people who play tennis on a regular basis.

Pressure-Less Tennis Balls

These type of balls are made of a thicker type of rubber and do not bounce as high as the pressurized balls. However the great advantage of these balls is that they last much longer as they retain their bounce. Over time you will find that they will bounce even higher as the green felt starts to wear away. This is the ball of choice for people who love the game but do not play as often as they would like.

Indoor Tennis Balls

If you play indoor tennis or you play on clay courts you will need a ball that is effective on these types of surfaces. A lot of people would recommend the rubber, hairless variety of ball. This is because it is suitable for the harder wood or laminated surface that you get with indoor tennis courts and there is less mess with hairless ball on a clay court.

Tennis Balls For Children

If you want to encourage your children to enjoy the game, you may want to invest in tennis balls that have been specially designed for young players. These balls can be slighter larger and come in a range of bright colours. The reason for this is to make it easier to see. The other major difference to the normal green or yellow colour tennis ball is that these ones have been designed to move slower than the regular balls. This creates more opportunities for a child to actually anticipate the ball coming towards them so that they can get prepared and hit it back successfully.

If you want to improve the overall performance of your tennis game or introduce your children gently to the sport, make sure you purchase the right type of tennis balls to suit the conditions.

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