Andy Roddick U.S. Open Champion

As many of you know, an American great tennis player formally retired at the 2012 U.S. Open. Andy Roddick stunned almost all of the tennis world once he broadcast that this was going to be his final event. I followed his last match, just praying that he could achieve just one more grand slam win. And then as they showed the montage about his career, I got to thinking about just how he is a standard of a genuine champion for all of us.

While my husband is overjoyed that I finally understand exactly what it means to break somebody's serve and can finally get passed the extra set of lines on the court during a singles match, I understood that there are life lessons that we can easily each take away from this young man.

Seven Life Lessons from Andy Roddick to apply to life and business:
1. Passion - Andy Roddick has an impressive love for the game of tennis. It is absolutely contagious.

Life Lesson: Regardless of what you do, you must be passionate about it. Without any passion, nothing can grow and flourish due to the fact that you simply do not care enough in order to be invested in the result.

2. Dedication - Andy Roddick has been committed to tennis since he was extremely young. Investing in many hours and practice to be a pro player. But it didn't end right there. The devotion to the hard work and effort existed right up till the conclusion of his career.

Life Lesson: Anything worth doing will demand devotion. Whether it is learning to play the guitar or creating a million dollar business. You're going to have to invest the time and energy to develop the abilities to become the best at what you do.

3. Deliver 110 % and Then More - Andy Roddick always delivered 110 % on the court. But many times it was actually more than 110 %!

Life Lesson: It goes without saying that you have to give it your all. However what about going that extra mile, in spite of when you don't want to? It is funny how your financial success will frequently occur as soon as you spend that additional hour a week or give one more presentation this week.

Andy Roddick serve

4. Use an Awesome Serve- You're a lot more likely to win the service point if you smash one across the net at 155 miles per hour or even average between 122-132 mph just like Andy Roddick. It was an undeniable weapon in his toolbox.

Life Lesson: So just how does this relate to life or business for that matter? To me possessing an awesome serve means that you go out and get the job done and put your best foot forward.

5. Don't Ever Quit - In all of the years I have watched tennis, I can honestly say I have never ever watched Andy Roddick give up. The greatest example is the 2009 Wimbeldon final he played against Roger Federer. He left every last single thing he had on the court.

Life Lesson: Despite when the odds seem stacked up against you, there is actually a possibility to win. The only time you are able to guarantee your defeat is to give up.

6. Be an Excellent Ambassador - Andy Roddick is truly a tremendous ambassador for the sport of tennis. He exemplifies the game in a manner that people want to be just like him and do the things that he does.

Life Lesson: You're a representative of something. God, your business, your nation. Ensure people say, "WOW! I want to associate with them." If you're a fantastic ambassador, folks will likely want to take part in your company, your faith, etc. Always act with integrity.

7. Always Have A Good Time - The one thing that I will always remember about watching Andy Roddick play and his press conferences is that he loves to have fun.

Life Lesson: It goes without saying that you ought to have fun with the things that you undertake. If life and your company has become a real drag, then it is time to make a change.

And so there you have it, seven tennis lessons from my experience of watching Andy Roddick in which you are able to use not only to your daily life but to your business too!