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You want to play tennis but there is still a foot of snow on the court or it is pouring rain? Grabbing a tennis video game might ease the pain until the weather conditions let you enjoy your favourite sport outside of the virtual reality realm.  I will share my personal experience with the top tennis video games on the market so that I can guide you in making the best choice.   You often find extremely detailed video game reviews on several websites, I purposely made this article very brief so that you can get the essential elements to make a good decision quickly without having to read a ton of material.    

The three tennis video games that I will be discussing are available on all major gaming platforms:  XBOX360, Playstation3 and Nintendo Wii.  

The latest release from EA Sports, “Grand Slam Tennis 2”, was launched in early 2012.   Its biggest differentiator is that you can compete in all four Grand Slam Events.   There is a large selection of Legendary Players to choose from, at least on the men side.   For people interested in playing with the ladies, the choice is definitely more limited.   The career mode also leaves to be desired as can you easily achieved the greatest honours in a very short period.  Another unique feature of Grand Slam Tennis 2 is the commentary from John McEnroe and Pat Cash, this adds to the immersive experience of the game but does not compensate for its other shortcomings.

Sega released Virtua Tennis 4 in the middle of 2011.   I would characterize this sports video game as falling into the category of an arcade game rather than a simulation.   The graphics are of good quality but the game play is just not up to the level of the competition.  The mini-games are unfortunately the most interesting part of Virtua Tennis, while in my mind, they should be a nice extra feature.  The weird sound effects and rather limited game play makes it very hard to recommend this game to anyone who wants to truly feel the virtual tennis experience in spite of its name...      


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Finally, I have kept my game of choice for last.   2K Games have released in the Spring of 2011 TopSpin 4.   It is very hard to find flaws worth mentioning for this latest edition in the series of TopSpin Tennis video games.  The career mode is captivating, controls are top notch and great sound effects make up a complete immersive experience.   This video game is the best tennis simulation available for experienced players but even novice will be able to progress quickly with the help of the Top Spin Academy Module.   Top video game review websites have given high ratings to this game.   So without a doubt, if you are looking for a substitute to playing real tennis, give TopSpin 4 a try.

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