pop up trailer campers


A tent trailer rental is a great way to camp in style while staying within a budget. If you rarely camp, then spending thousands to buy a pop up trailer camper doesn’t make financial sense. Renting also allows you to test out a specific tent trailer to decide if you do want to buy one for you next camping trip.

Private Tent Trailer Rental

You can find private owners of pop up trailer campers that rent out their trailers when not in use. Many advertise on Craigslist or the local newspaper. When looking on Craigslist, you’ll find the private tent trailer rentals either in the travel/vacation or For Sale RV section and search for “rent”. You may not find as many offers in the winter as in the summer, but a private rental will be the least expensive option for all seasons as compared to RV companies.


RV Trader provides advertising for selling and renting RVs including tent trailers. The site lists mostly travel trailers and RVs, but you can find the occasional pop up tent trailer to rent. The site has a easy search-by-state feature that gives you a list of all the RV rental companies in your state.

Local RV Retailer

Some RV and tent trailer retailers also have some rental recreational vehicles and a rental department separate from the sales department. Although this information may not be on the company’s website. You may have to call or make an in-person visit to find out what (if any) tent trailer rentals they have, the cost, and availability.

Cost of a Tent Trailer Rental

The price will vary depending on the grade of tent trailer you rent, how long you rent it for, and what time of year you rent. You can expect to pay about $50 to $75 a day, with private rentals in the lower range and retailers and RV rental companies in the higher range. Holidays, such as the 4th of July, may be higher. Since buying pop up trailer campers can cost thousands for even a used one, this can be a great savings even if you camp a couple of times a year.

This cost is also much less than the cost to rent a large RV, which can range from $150 a night to $200 a night for class C motorhomes and $300 to $400 a night for luxury class A motorhome rentals.

What to Expect with a Tent Trailer Rental

While the pop up trailer camper is in your possession, it’s care is your responsibility. Rental companies may impose a cleaning fee and require payment for any damage not considered normal use and wear.

When you go to pick up your tent trailer rental, the owner should give you demonstration of proper use so that you can safely set up and roll down the tent. Don’t pick up the tent trailer without this demonstration. You don’t want to get to your campsite to find that the tent does not pop up.

If you are renting from a private owner, the experience may be much less of a hassle, but do be sure to sign a contract the specifies all the terms including date of rental, cost, who is responsible for damages and cleaniCamping with Kidsng, the condition of the pop up camper prior to rental, and insurance information.

If this is your first camping trip, you should know that you can also rent camping gear from sleeping bags to cookware to help save on costs.