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Vacations in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Teotihuacan, also known as the City of the Gods. Teotihuacan is a well-known archeological site located about 40 kilometers northeast of Mexico City. Here, your trip to Mexico will include the sight of some of the biggest pyramids on the planet.

The natives tell the legend of Teotihuacan as the place where God came to create mankind. Millions of people have made trips to Mexico to see this ancient and wonderous tribute to what mankind is capable of building as tribute to their kings.

It is one of the places in Mexico where there are several attractions for tourists to see during all inclusive Mexico vacations. Some of these are:

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The Temple of the Moon – This is one of the medium Mexican pyramids that is located in the middle of the whole complex. Holidays in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see this interesting temple.

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The Temple of the Sun –This is the biggest one of the pyramids in the formation and you can see the mountains in the distance if you go to the top of it. Be sure to bring some sunscreen, because otherwise your Mexico travel to Teotihuacan could be ruined if you get sunburned while you are here.

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The Temple of Quetzacotl – This is considered a very sacred temple and is one of the places in Mexico that history lovers should be sure not to miss. If you love dragons, you will enjoy this temple as it is covered with lots of dragon heads made of stone.

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Museo Teotihuacán—This is a museum in Teotihuacan, and it has lots of great displays, as well as a miniature that recreates the whole place. When you travel to Mexico, you won’t want to miss this interesting place of history.

The area in Teotihuacan around these attractions also has great places you won’t want to miss during your Mexican holiday. There is the Avenue of the Dead, as well as the Palace of the Jaguars. This palace has lots of beautiful wall paintings, statues, sculptures, and fascinating underground rooms.

Teotihuacan was known as the biggest pre-Columbian city and at one time its population was in excess of 150,000 people. It was built sometime near 300 BC and it’s estimated that the famous Pyramid of the Sun was built sometime between 150 BC and 450 AD.

Besides the pyramids, be sure to buy some of the lovely silver jewelry for sale by Mexican vendors in the area. Or, bring back any of many other kinds of Mexican souvenirs.

Getting there                        

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Travelers to Mexico can get to Teotihuacan there by car from Mexico City and you can easily find it from some of the Mexico hotels by traveling about 45 minutes from there on the toll road. There will be a fee to park, as well as a fee to get inside the park area. Once there, you can take a taxi or do a tour with a driver if desired