Dinosaurs, Action, Drama, and Mystery.

Terra Nova is set in the year 2149, a time when overpopulation an air pollution run rampant throughout the world. Humans have discovered a portal which sends anyone who goes through it into a different reality 85 million years in the past.  The story focuses on the Shannon Family who joins a pilgrimage through the portal to help the first human colony that has been established in Terra Nova.

Terra Nova Title

With Steven Spielberg being one of the executive producers many viewers were hoping for a Jurassic Park port to TV. From the first 2-hour episode I can say this has the potential to meet those expectations. This show feels  like a mixture of all the sci-fi shows we love.

Terra Nova Family
The show starts with a look into the lives of the Shannon family, a mother and father with 3 children, one of which is illegible according to the population laws. We are immediately drawn in to the family as we see their youngest child being abducted by the police and Jim Shannon (the father) being sent to prison for assaulting the officers.

The family eventually finds a way to reunite with each other and manages to escape through the portal into Terra Nova. After some more character building the show really starts to pick up.  Jim joins the security team and takes part in daring rescue to save a convoy from some T-Rex like dinosaurs. Josh Shannon, the stubborn teenage son, quickly makes friends and they decide to go exploring outside the protective compound.

They end up stranded after the Sixers, a group of rogue militant like inhabitants, steals their power cells while they get drunk. Back at the colony mayhem erupts when the others find out Josh and his friends are missing. The rest of the episode is a suspenseful ride full of battles with a pack of dinosaurs known simply as, Slashers.

Terra Nova Dinosaur
Now I am not saying that this show is perfect. There are a lot of flaws and I was slightly disappointed at the quality of CGI used for the dinosaurs. These dinosaurs did not come close to matching the quality of the terrifying  T-Rex from Jurassic Park.  Filled with skepticism I was pleasantly surprised that the story and the characters well made up for the negatives I noticed.



Overall I thought the season premiere was wonderful and exciting. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this show has to offer and to unraveling the mysteries of Terra Nova.