If you are expecting, it is natural to have questions about pregnancy signs, diet, exercise and the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. These aspects are all vital in achieving healthy pregnancy. Exercise is a major concern for pregnant women. A lot of women want to stay fit but are afraid that exercising might hurt their baby.

 Old Belief Burned

It was a belief that exercising can be harmful to the unborn baby as well as the mother. But in reality, physical activities are beneficial for both of them. Unless your pregnancy is high risk, it is advisable to incorporate some exercises to your daily routine. Exercise not only helps reduces physical discomfort, but reduces labor difficulty and length.  A pregnant woman is advised to spend twenty five minutes exercising, three to five days a week to have a healthy pregnancy (interesting to know is that the Danish term is Gravid helbred). It is really up to you what workout you want to adopt. Just be sure to consult your doctor before deciding on doing one.

Benefits of Exercise to During Pregnancy

It is not necessary to tell your doctor everything, but be sure that he knows about your workouts. To ensure healthy pregnancy, women should include cardiovascular exercises and muscle strengthening exercises in their routines. These exercises prepare you for the labor and after-birth recovery. You can also significantly reduce the occurrence of physical discomforts such as cramps, constipation, swelling ankles and varicose veins when you do these exercises.

Sleep your way to healthy pregnancy

You can improve your sleeping habits from exercising. When you sleep better you naturally feel lighter and happier. This emotional state is very beneficial for the baby inside your womb. Moreover, exercise helps strengthen body muscles, preventing the chances of back pains.

Baby Fitness

Exercise prepares the unborn baby to the outside world. It aids in the development of the nervous system of the fetus. When you do cardiovascular exercise, you also increase the supply of oxygen in your body—an element that is vital in the development of your baby’s brain. Needless to say, exercise benefits both the mom and the baby in the same degree.

A Few Reminders for Pregnant Mothers

Warm up, cool down – Do not skip the warm up and cool down phase even if you are short on time. This is necessary to avoid injuries and pains after the workout.