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Tesco is one of the largest supermarkets there is and applying to work at there is quite simple, you must complete a Tesco application form online. To check what vacancies are currently available you are advised to check with your local store or search for the vacancies online. Personally I think going into the store would be a nice approach as you will get a feel for the place and it's an ideal opportunity to make a first impression.

There are various job types available within a Tesco store such as, Assistants, Stock replenishing staff, managers, and not forgetting the people who work behind the scenes in the warehouse and goods inwards area.

Completing the Tesco application form should take you no longer than 25 minutes. So once you've found the position you wish to apply for then here is what happens next...

The Tesco application form is separated into two parts. The first part is simple and asks you a few questions about the amount of hours you are available to work, how you heard about the job and any references you have. The screening process is done based on the answers you give to some scenario based questions which are within section two of the Tesco application form. There is also an optional equality form to complete. This helps Tesco to monitor their recruitment practices but it isn't a mandatory requirement for your job application.

To increase your chance of success there is nothing to stop you applying for more than one vacancy at a time.

If you do not pass Tesco's screening part of the process you will be thanked for your application and informed by email that they will not be taking your application any further.

You can apply again for another role but you will not be able to submit a Tesco application form for the same role twice.


By completing a Tesco application form you will be applying to work for a company that have part-time, full-time, and flexible contracts. They have options to suit just about anyone; whether you are a parent that needs flexibility due to childcare commitments or a student that's got exams to take. Tesco have a flexible system that can work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Why not go and complete a Tesco application form and hopefully you will soon be working for one of the largest supermarket chains.

If you fill out a Tesco application form and are succesful you will be asked to go for an interview. Interviews can be very daunting, however prepare well and you will be ok. To prepare for an interview please take a look at my article titled Difficult Interview Questions, you could also take a look at my article titled Top List Of Difficult Interview Questions. Both of these articles will be useful to you if you are succesful with your Tesco application form submission.