As a person who likes to write I find it is valuable to use pseudonyms. You can cross link your articles published on the internet. By cross linking your articles under different pseudonyms and different sites you can use the power of Google to improve your search rankings and earn more money from the web content you create.

I have found Xomba to be very beneficial in not only driving more traffic to my content but also have an additional revenue stream. Xomba has helped increase my monthly Adsense earnings. I will use InfoBarrel in a manner similar to Xomba except I will post full length articles instead of blurbs that link to other websites.

It looks like the revenue share is much higher on InfoBarrel than it is on Xomba. I hope that by linking to InfoBarrel from Xomba I will be able to increase my Adsense earnings by even more.

Writing online web content can be challenging. I like to keep it simple and tend to either write about things that interest me or I write about topics that seem to have high paying keywords.

Although I will write about almost any topic I have not yet wrote a Mesothelioma article even though I know the payout can be huge for some of the clicks on the mesothelioma Adsense ads.

I have written for many websites. I have written for Text Broker a lot. I have well over 500 articles I have written for Text Broker. I now want to branch out even more. I would like to get 100 articles written for InfoBarrel. I also want to write articles for some up front pay websites such as Text Broker. I have looked at Demand Studios as well as Break Studios. Break Studios seems to have some interesting topics to write about by looking at their website.

As much as I like to write an article and be played for it instantly I also wish my residual income from writing was higher. I will use Info Barrel to hopefully increase my monthly Adsense earnings and begin to build up some residual income using this website.

I like to write in bursts for websites. I tend to write a handful of articles for one content web site and then I will write a handful of articles for one of my niche blogs. I may not publish articles on a regular basis here on Info Barrel but when I do go on an Info barrel writing burst you will see a handful of articles published all at once or at least during the same day.

I will test out the waters at Info Barrel and will publish at least 100 articles before I pass judgment on if it is worth my time or not. From reading all of the online reviews about Info Barrel it appears that this can provide a nice additional source of revenue each month once you have a high number of articles that have been published on Info Barrel.