Teutonia isTeutonia Stroller a big and well-known stroller company based in Deutschland. They have been designing and manufacturing baby gear for over since 1940s. However, they have been available in the United States since 2007.

German design and engineering are well apparent on these strollers. Basically, it is a Mercedes of all baby buggies. The 3 year warranty speaks for the quality.

Complete customization is their motto which I really like. Teutonia allows you to totally customize your baby stroller. It may be slightly confusing at first; however it's quite easy and simple to use once you understand the system.

There are three different frames to choose from (100, 200, and 300 series), three main components to attach which are the seat, the carry cot, and stroller seat. Also, there are nine great accessories to customize a stroller to be exactly what you need.

The 100 series frame is the lightest, weighing only 20 pounds. Also, it is the most compact frame. As you have probably already figured out, Teutonia is a luxurious travel system category that delivers Teutonia Pushchairextraordinary value and strolling performance. It is perfect for the without the budget limit who are not willing to trade-off stability and quality.

The 200 series frame weighs 22 pounds. It features a hand-brake which is not a feature often seen. Basically, the hand-break helps you slow down your roll if you are on a hill or speed walking. The 300 series weighs 26 pounds. Relevant features include a parking break on the side and a reversible handle bar. All these frames have adjustable handle bars and all wheel suspension for superb maneuverability.

The tires are air filled, however tubeless so there is virtually no maintenance. There are two tires to choose from. You have standard 'street' tires meant for flat terrain and 'off-road' tires meant for all kinds of surfaces.

The bassinette can beTeutonia Baby Stroller used from newborn to 6 months and 20 pounds. The comfortable bassinet is perfect for long walks so the child can stretch-out instead of being in the car seat all the time. Some young moms and dads use this bassinette inside their home instead of buying additional one for the room. It is great for keeping your precious child close to you during the early months.

Last but not the least is the stroller seat. It cannot be used until the child is 3 months because it does not have a full recline. However, there are 3 positions of recline. Furthermore, the seat features a two position foot rest for the comfort of your child. The canopy has a picaboo window and so you can picaboo on the little rascal. There is a bumper bar on the front for the baby to hold on to in case you are strolling over rough terrain.