Every year it is always the same. Summer time rolls around and everyone breaks out the summer clothing. You know the regular stuff like shorts, tank tops, and of course flip flops. I naturally like wearing these types of shoes, so normally I have more than one pair. As it just so turns out, every year I seem to lose my main pair of them. I am pretty organized too; which is the ironic part about it. I keep all of my things nice and tidy until it is time to use them and I usually don't get a whole lot of things misplaced. However, it just seems to me that my flip flops get misplaced because I only wear them during one particular part of the year. As you may have probably already guessed, that time of year is the summer. You know, the months of June and July where the weather is so hot that your feet sweat when shoes are worn. Well, since I like flip flops so much, I naturally require a few features of all of the flip flops that I purchase. In this article, I will cover some of the many different aspects of sandals that I like and usually require in order to make a purchase. I will also mention a few brands that I have come to really expect great things out of and yes, Teva is one of them.

For one, if I am going to purchase a pair of flip flops, then they have to be comfortable. I know that it is a no brainer, but I like my foot wear to be comfortable. The most misunderstood aspect of finding a good, comfortable pair is that most people think that they have to be expensive. This is not completely true, even though there are many highly priced brands out there that offer some smooth wearing sandals. One brand of flip flop that I have found extremely comfortable is Teva. Contrary to popular belief, these flip flops only cost me about thirty bucks. That was quite a nice price for such a comfortable pair.

Another aspect of sandals that must be present is a good feel. If you have ever worn a pair where the plastic was uncomfortable, then you can comprehend exactly what I am speaking of. I have had some expensive brands that did this, so it really is a guessing game as to which brands work best. I like teva flip flops because they are like walking on a cloud whenever I wear them. I have yet to get any blisters from wearing them and the level of satisfaction that I get from them has simply been unmatched so far.