The sandal is one of the simplest innovations to the footwear industry ever created. That may sound like a little much, but the truth is definitely there. There really aren't a whole lot of shoes out there that can match or meet the benefits associated with a flip flop or sandal. In the hot months of the year, nobody wants to spend time tying those laces. Individuals don't want to sweat and retain even more heat in them as well. Unlike tennis shoes, a sandal can be slipped on in a quicker fashion as well. Because these shoes have become such a large hit these days, I have decided to perform a little review on a specific brand of flip flop called the teva hurricane.

If you were these kinds of shoes, then you have more than likely heard of this brand name. They are an all around great product in my opinion – not too expensive, yet offer great qualities. You know, it can be really hard to find that in a shoe these days. It seems that they will either be overly expensive with great features, or extremely cheap with very low standards of quality. It is this median type of footwear that I seek. Because I know that there are probably many other seeking this same exact level of quality and price, I decided to write this article.

The teva hurricane sandal comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The great part about this shoe is that it is made for almost all ages. No, I am not referring to a one size fits all model. What I mean is that there are various sizes that the teva hurricane is made in. Small kids and adults alike can wear this shoe. Another problem or issue with shoe models is that not all of them have both a men's and women's version. However, this one actually does which is an additional plus. Unlike flip flops, the hurricane has straps attached to the base to tighten up the fit. This feature is common on a lot of other sandals like it out there. The straps have helped to customize the fit in my experiences and accommodate a wider variety of foot sizes.

Now to the section that I know everyone is wondering about. As with many other products, price is a big factor that weighs heavily on which products consumers decide to purchase. Teva hurricane 2 are not the cheapest sandals out there, but in reality they are not that expensive either. One average, they are more than likely to be priced somewhere around thirty to forty dollars which is not an enormous amount of money to shell out for a great shoe.