The flip flop was a revolutionary introduction into the footwear industry when it was first produced way back when. These days it is a common household item that people of all kinds own and use. There are several reasons why it this article of footwear has become so popular. They are comfortable, convenient, and breezy. So the question is about which brands and models possess those three characteristics. The teva mush flip flop is one of those sandals that I think possess all of those characteristics.

I don't know how to say this, but I just can't stand a pair of flip flops that are thin and hard. Walking on such is just not any fun and can make simple everyday tasks harder than they actually are. The mush sandals by teva share nothing of the like though. These flip flops have a thick backbone to them and are among the softest flip flops that I have ever worn. There is a lot to be said about a pair of shoes that are cushiony, soft, and plush when you step on them. It's like having a fresh slice of pie in my opinion. In other words, its like walking on a soft, down feather pillow. If you have never experiences the joys of wearing a pair of shoes with such qualities, then you really have to try it out for yourself one time.

This flip flo has a few other relieving features besides comfort. Another one of them is the newly added arch support. Not many of them fave this feature, but his one does. Such additional are only bonuses in my opinion.

After hearing many of these features and benefits, you would probably think that the price tag on a pair of teva mush flip flops for women. There are a bunched of over priced sandals out there that have both quality and comfort. A for the price of the teva mush brand of flip flops – they are not as high as one would imagine. If I had to guess based off of how they felt when I wore them, I would have to say a minimum of about fifty dollars. My guess was off too by the way. From my experiences, teva footwear can really vary when it comes to price. I have seen some pairs for around twenty dollars at a particular store. Other times, I have seen them for over forty dollars as well.