TexarkanaCredit: Morgue FileTexarkana, Texas is a neat place to visit as it is so close to Arkansas. There are also turnarounds in many cities of Texas including Texarkana. These make it so you can easily access the highway going the opposite direction if you need to. Texarkana also has a speed limit of 70 mph on the highway, while most city and state rules have a strict limit of 65 mph.Of course there are also many historical sites as well as festivals all year round.Stock car races and watching baseball is also popular in this city.Also, almost every resident plays golf in a league or simply for a leisure sport.Most visitors and residents love being in Texarkana because of the warm climate.There is rarely a real cold winter day in Texarkana.This city mostly has 2-3 season weather year round.Although there are a few who rather not live in warm weather all year, there are the majority of people who love it.


There are some poor sections of town where there is a lot of graffiti and garbage on the road. This side of the city does not seem to be kept up very neat.During the trip there wasn't very many police cars out, which tells me this city isn't patrolled very often.Another con of Texarkana, Texas is most gas stations require you to prepay for your gas ahead of time. This makes it hard for the driver in case he wants to fill up all the way he may not know how much gas it will take. This requires you to go in and out of the gas station several times.Many residents get frustrated with this concept and end up paying by credit card.

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Texarkana, Texas is known for "Where life is so large it takes two states".It is right on the border of Arkansas and Texas.Texarkana is well worth the drive to visit.Since this city is almost two cities in one it is known for two of everything.There are two libraries, two fire departments, two city governments, two city mayors, etc.

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Texarkana, Texas is a wonderful place to visit with beautiful scenery, warm climate and great people.

Historic Texarkana
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