Things to do in Odessa, Texas!

I do not know what you have planned for your vacation this year, but if you are passing through Texas, you will not want to miss this! In the Permian Basin, there is a beautiful tribute to all of thReplica of Presidential seale Presidents of the United States, Vice Presidents, and their First Ladies. The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library are located in a prominent oval structure in Ector County. Upon entering the museum, you will see a replica of the presidential seal on display. This is a excellent opportunity to teach your children, or grandchildren about our forefathers and to educate them about America, and the office of the presidency.

Among the collection of campaign memorabilia, signatures, portraits, documents, and political cartoons of the Presidents, you will discover the character and mindset of each of our illustrious leaders. When available, the actual recorded voice of each President comes to life, capturing and enhancing the teaching experience through the self-guided tour. The Presidential Library contains a storehouse of more than 4,500 volumes, periodicals, newspapers, journals, and documents all relating to the presidency. 

Upon entering the Presidential Museum, that originally was housed in downtown, Odessa, Texas, but later moved to a larger complex that is near the UTPB Campus, you will discover an excepPresidential Museumtional find. Encompassed within the walls of the extensive library and museum are artifacts and place of dedication to every United States President. The original museum stemmed in the heart of Texans after the assignation of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Later on, it became a tribute to all of America’s Great Leaders of the Oval Office.
You will also find the First Ladies exhibits exquisitely displayed through lifelike miniature dolls. The designer of each model painstakingly takes time to capture significant detail and features that represent each First Lady uniquely. Each doll is wearing a replica of the actual ‘Presidential Ball Gown’ that each First Lady wore at the grand event.

If yoPresident George Bush's Homeu have served in the military, your entry fee is free; however, the price is exceptionally reasonable. When learning about each President, you will experience a sense of stepping back in space and time. There is a lot to learn, so plan to stay a significant part of the day. When you finish scoping out all the information in the Museum and Library, you can walk outside to the back of the facility and enter into the home of President George Bush, when he was a child. The Bush home has the original kitchen and other rooms restored, just as it looked when President Bush and his parents lived there. The gardens are lovely too, and it will not take you long to understand the pride and patriotism that Texas has for their country and their leaders.

The legacy of Presidents is a ‘must’ see for anyone interested in historical events, facts and memorabilia. The Museum is the only one of its’ kind. The pride and the importance of American heritage, continues to live on through the Presidential Museum and Leadership Library, as it encompasses the everyday life and of the presidency.