Making money and going professional playing Texas Holdem seems like a myth.  People who try are quick to give up when they see that they are losing money.  They figure that those people who play professionally are just naturally the luckiest people in the world.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

               There are tons of people making a living from poker in the world and, despite what you may think, they aren’t any luckier than the next guy.  Poker is a game and can be beaten just like any other game.  All it requires is good reasoning and the ability to not act on your emotions.  A lot of professional poker players are also great chess players because the prerequisite skill sets of the two games are pretty much the same.

               The awesome thing about poker is that no matter how good or bad you are there are always levels you can play at.  For example, people who are new at the game might want to play at a lower level like 1$/2$ (or 1 cent/2 cent if you’re playing online).  The great thing about that is the people who play at the lower levels of the game are generally the less skilled players.  It’s like you actually can “beat” a level and advance to the next where the competition is stronger but the money you can make is better, just like if it were a video game.

               Winning in poker is a lot about your risk tolerance.  Your bankroll is the amount of money that you have towards poker.  Don’t include your rent money in your bankroll because that will lead to definite failure in more ways than one. 

If you have a bank roll of a hundred bucks you don’t want to be playing in a game where the minimum bet is fifty of it.  If you’re doing it like that then you’re just trying to get lucky and that is definitely not something you want to do.  If you plan on playing professional Texas Holdem you need to minimize the use of luck and maximize the use of skill in the game.  To do this a good tip is that you need to have at least thirty to forty max buy ins.  That means if you’re playing the 1$/2$ game the max buy in is probably going to be two hundred bucks.  Multiply that by forty and you get 8000.  That is a very conservative approach but it definitely is the best one that you can use.  If you’re really serious about becoming a professional poker player this tip a long will take you a long way.  Don’t play above your limits.  You can withstand a lot of the “luck” aspect of the game and you can consistently beat the levels you are playing at if you just have good bankroll management.

               In the beginning levels of poker, the game is all about playing tight and conservative.  Play good cards and fold the bad ones and you are pretty much guaranteed to make money at the lower levels of poker.  At the low levels no one knows how to fold.  Just pay attention to whose playing like a maniac (hint it’s going to be more than half the table at 1$/2$) and wait them out.  Once you get a good hand bet it hard. 

               There is a whole lot of other stuff that you need to know about playing good Texas Holdem.  There is so much more to it than people think.  The number one tip I can give you (besides good bankroll management) is have a plan for the hand you are playing and go through with it.  What I mean by this is in the beginning of the hand when you choose if you want to play it or not you should already have a rough idea of what you are going to do depending on how the hand plays out.  If that guy raises you should pretty much know before he did it if you’re going to play or fold. 

There is so much to Texas Holdem that I couldn’t possibly cover all of it in one article.  You need to do your own research and learn a whole lot more on your own.  This article is the most basic it gets when it comes to Holdem strategy and I hope you continue to learn about it on your own.  Good luck, and remember, regardless of any bad beat you may get, you can win and it’s already been done by many.