Texas Instruments financial calculator

Texas Instruments has become virtually synonymous in the business world with calculators. Choosing the right Texas Instruments financial calculator can be as easy as choosing a piece of chocolate; they are all great but some are just different than others. Accounting, economics, statistics and finance students will appreciate the many features that a TI calculator delivers especially the ubiquitous Texas Instruments BAII Plus. For those already in the professional world, a Texas Instruments financial calculator proves to be an invaluable tool. The world of academia is increasingly turning to the use of financial calculators in the classroom and TI is recommended by many business professors at the college level.

What makes a Texas Instruments financial calculator so great?

There are many quality manufacturers of calculators on the market, but the number of makers of calculators geared towards finance or accounting is far less. TI has been delivering consistently strong devices for decades. The TI line of financial calculators delivers powerful results in microseconds. The same scientific features found on other machines are present, but these features are supplemented by a wide array of financial offerings. Many people need to calculate the future or present value of money, calculating depreciation tables, amortization tables, interest rates, payment schedules, or other complex equations related to money. The line of TI calculators makes this easy and affordable.

The computing power is rapid and precise, but the design of the chassis is also inspired. Sleek packaging and responsive buttons mean better usability. Less obvious design features like non-slip pads on the bottom and a curved, lightweight housing add comfort and more ease of use.

Which model of Texas Instruments financial calculator should you buy?

This is a common question with many great answers. Really it depends on exactly how in-depth your line of study or work is and how large is your budget. The Texas Instruments BAII Plus is a proven workhorse. It delivers great performance in a sleek slipcase. It is affordable for any student or casual user. It comes in silver or black and has a 10-digit display.

Another popular model is the TI BA-35 which is a solar financial calculator. It will get any student through the toughest classes with an environmentally friendly solar design that saves on batteries. Never worry about a calculator going dead during an exam again. The newest line of solar calculators have highly advanced light receptor panels that allow them to operate in almost all lighting conditions.

For those higher level professionals such as Certified Financial Planners (CFP) or Certified Public Accountants (CPA), the popular model of choice is the Texas Instruments BAII Plus PRO. This model handles even more complex financial equations including modified internal rate of return (MIRR) and discount payback. A sleek chassis makes for a modern appearance, but form follows function because this calculator is a workhorse! This calculator is also approved for use on the Chartered Financial Analyst exam.

Any Texas Instruments financial calculator will serve those in the world of business reliably for years to come. Accountants, economists, actuaries, and financial analysts have all benefited from the use of a great financial calculator. Whether you choose the TI-BAII+, the TI BA-35 solar, or the TI-BAII PRO you can rest assured that you have purchased a great machine backed up by a very reputable company. A Texas Instruments financial calculator is a great asset and a great time-saver.