Details on the Texas Life & Health Insurance Exam Process

Texas Insurance License - Life and Health

The Life, Accident, and Health Texas Insurance License is the first step toward a career as an insurance agent or broker in the State of Texas.  The process towards licensure may seem daunting, but in fact it is quite simple. 

Registering for the Exam

The first step in gaining your Texas insurance license is knowing that an exam is required.  The exam is administered by Prometric, the testing vendor with whom the State contracts.  Before you can take the exam you must register with Prometric which can be done online, by phone, or by fax and mail.  If you register online or by phone you may also schedule your exam at the same time.  If you send in your registration by fax or mail you must follow up by phone to schedule your exam.

Study Materials and Process

How you study helps decide when to register for the exam.  If you plan to take a course that is offered in a classroom you will probably want to register before you take the course.  The courses are taken in less than a week, and once you go through the course you will want to rush over and take the exam before you forget everything that was jammed into your head.  If you plan to self-study, you will most likely want to wait to register until you are confident that you have studied enough to pass the exam.Once you have registered you must decide how to study for the Texas insurance license exam.  I chose to take my insurance exam study course online, so I registered as I was nearing the end of my study. 

As for the studying, Texas does not require pre-licensing courses to be taken to test for your Texas insurance license.  However, I would highly recommend studying for the exam.  Kaplan offers some great courses, and many people I know have taken classes through them.  But there are also other great study books on the market (and at a less expensive cost).

Fingerprinting and Background Check

In order to acquire your Texas insurance license you must pass a background check.  Therefore, you will be required to submit your fingerprints.  Fortunately, this is done at the testing center.  However, you must submit yet another application, which can be found on the Texas Department of Insurance website.  Make sure you get this done before your test date so you can schedule your fingerprints to be taken when you test for the license.

Exam Day

On the test date make sure to arrive about 30 minutes early.  That will allow you enough time to get your fingerprints done and talk with the test administrator to go over rules and place your belongings in a locker.  You must bring a valid ID that contains your name and picture.  Your name also much match exactly to the name you used to register. 

After you take the exam you will be shown your score and if you passed or not.  If you passed, congratulations!  If you did not pass then you must re-register to take the exam again. 

Applying for Your Texas Life and Health Insurance License

The last step is to apply for your Texas insurance license.  You must apply for your license within one year after passing the exam.  You may also apply for your license before you test for the exam, but you must pass the exam within one year after applying for the license.  Once the license application is approved, you pass the exam, and you pass the background check you will be granted the Texas insurance license for life, accident, and health and my begin selling insurance for those products.

Continuing Education Credits

After you are licensed you must keep up with your continuing education credits.  You must earn 30 CE credits every two years.  2 of these hours must be for ethics or consumer protection courses.  If you keep up with your CE credits you should have no problem renewing your Texas insurance license.

A career in life and health insurance can be rewarding and lucrative if you are motivated and can grow your client base.  Gaining your Texas insurance license in life, accident, and health is the first step towards that career.