There is a wonderful way to cover those old beaten text books for school this year, and they are called Book Sox.   These are perfect for those “handed down texts” for school that have seen better days.  Whether for high school or college there are some great designs to upgrade yours  and reuse them.

These are created from a stretch type fabric that slips over your text hard cover like a sock or glove.  They come in amazing colours and are the perfect way to pretty up those boring text books!

Kids are loving these and they are not that expensive.  The assortment of pictures you can get on this product is amazing, with lots of vivid patterns and colours for any age.

In a time when we are promoting our kids to “reuse” these make perfect sense, and are a great way to personalize their books.  You can get these to fit large text covers such as reference hard covers as well as small enough for novel covers etc and some binders.

They are simple to install too.  Simply turn your book upside down on a flat surface and make sure the covers are relatively clean (so you don’t end up with lumps and bumps under the cover) put one half of the patterned sox on the cover and then lay it down, stretch it across the back and then lift up the other side and place it over the back cover.

Close your text and smooth it out.  The cover has now been turned into a beautiful mural of planets, or fields or frogs or whatever you have chosen to cover yours with.  These are very vivid colours and the best part is that they can be removed and thrown in the washing machine.

Kids of any age, even adults are going to love to personalize their books with these covers.  You will know which one to read or grab based on the cover you have chosen.

As more and more people are trying to save their books and upgrade them with homemade covers and binder covers rather than buy new, these book soxs have become very popular.  It is much easier to simply slide one of these over your text than to make your own.

You can get these at many book supply and office supply stores, but you can also get a great assortment online at such sites as Amazon.Book SoxCredit:

So, if your kids have worn out looking text covers for school or books they have at home that they really love and would love to dress them up, then covering them with these covers is a great way to bring them back to life, especially with the vivid colours and pictures that are on these products.

They would make a great gift idea as well, especially for teens or anyone who loves to read or has a collection of them  and would be the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas this year.  There are plenty of ways to dress up and personalize school supplies now.  Everything from laptop skins to book sox.  What a great way to brighten up your day.

Extreme Book Sox - Jumbo Planets
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(price as of Sep 3, 2016)
get a few of these and personalize your library